Top 10 Illuminati Whistleblowers: An examination of testimonies and evidence presented by alleged high-level insiders and former members of the Illuminati.

If you are unsure about what the Illuminati is, check out What is the Illuminati? for a look at modern uses of the term or Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati comic for an introduction to the late 18th century secret society.

I considered naming this article Top Illuminati Frauds, Charlatans, and Liars or even Illuminati Hall of Shame but decided on the less inflammatory Top 10 Illuminati Whistleblowers.

The top 10 Illuminati whistleblowers are:




This list should not be confused with the numerous government and corporate whistleblowers whose revelations have had repercussions and have impacted the real world.

The inconsistencies, not only within individual testimonies, but between each whistleblower’s description of the Illuminati’s hierarchy, methods, and rituals, indicate that all but one have to be wrong. At least 9 of these individuals are either spreading disinformation, lying, or mentally disturbed. Their differing versions of what the Illuminati is and does cannot coexist in the same reality.

Nevertheless, there are some similarities that should be underscored. For instance, Lucifer is a major player in Illuminati circles and is mentioned by all ten whistleblowers. For some Lucifer and Satan are the same, while others describe them as separate beings. The Illuminati appears to be into human sacrifices with no less than 8 of our whistleblowers reporting witnessing or participating in it.

None of the whistleblowers on this list were rank and file Illuminati members and all reached a high position with the group. Eight of our 10 whistleblowers are members of prominent Illuminati bloodlines and were born to it. One willfully joined the order of his own free will, while another was unwittingly brought in as a negotiator between opposing factions of the Illuminati.

Nazis are popular with four whistleblowers specifically mentioning Josef Mengele. Half mention preparations for the coming of the Antichrist as a major goal of the Illuminati. Virtually all of them give the Rothschilds a prominent (but varying) place in the Illuminati with two singling out the involvement of the late Philippe the Rothschild. Three claim that Reptilian aliens are real, but with vastly different descriptions about what they are.

At least 8 have or had superpowers such as clairvoyance, levitation, or telekinesis.

They are all bullet proof. Despite the Illuminati being described as the epitome of power who planned the first and second world wars, they have been unable to silence any of the whistleblowers on this list. Nine are still alive and well, revealing the Illuminati’s blatant incompetence in dispatching its enemies and keeping its secrets hidden.

Strangely, when überbelievers realize that one or more of these whistleblowers are lying, they rarely conclude that the person is making it up and is most likely clinically insane. Rather, they claim that they are part of a complex psyop to spread disinformation and cover-up Illuminati shenanigans.



Illuminati High-Priest and Grand Druid Council member born into the prominent Collins Illuminati Bloodline who defected after seeing the Illuminati’s plan for a New World Order culminating in 1980 with the installment of Jimmy Carter as the Antichrist.


Associated Acts: Jack Chick, Fritz Springmeier, Henry Makow, Joseph “Doc” Marquis, Carolyn Hamlett

John Todd was born into the Collins Illuminati bloodline in 1949. The Collins had brought the Illuminati to America and had been practicing witchcraft for over 7 centuries. Some Collins opted to change their family names to Todd around 50 years ago. (Tape 1A)

At the age of 13, Todd was taken to Hogwarts School of Magic a Hogwarts-like school called an Outer Court, a specialized Illuminati school of witchcraft where he received training as an Illuminati Priest. He was ordained an Illuminati High Priest at the age of 18, and as a male Collin, took his place of the Grand Druid Council. At one time, he had more than 65,000 witches taking orders from him.

His sister climbed the Illuminati ladder a lot quicker; by the age of 13 she was already a High-Priestess and Queen of Ohio with 15,000 witches serving under her. (Tape 5A) She was mostly occupied with summoning up demons that appeared to be UFO sightings as part of the Illuminati plan.

Todd joined the Army and fought with the US Special Forces (Green Berets) in Vietnam, before being involved in the death of a superior officer and sentenced to 35 years imprisonment. Fortunately, a US senator, a congressman, and two generals, personally escorted Todd out of prison and had the building containing his Army records burnt down to hide the existence of the Illuminati.

In reality, Todd’s army records were not destroyed. They showed that he had been a general clerk and typist and that he had never set foot in Vietnam. Todd was dishonorably discharged for being emotionally unstable and a pathological liar.

It is then that Todd realized that he wasn’t just playing with candles and learned that everything he had previously learned on witchcraft was false. (Why did the Illuminati bother with the Outer Court? 😕 )

Warning: Contains Demons
WARNING: Contains Demons

He was assigned the position of managing Z Records, a non-existent record company. Todd produced rock music in order to lead a new generation to Satan. He explained how each rock music album sold includes a demon summoned during a secret Illuminati ritual. The more albums someone owns, the more demons inhabited his house. All major studios have a Satanic temple built for such purposes. (Tape 6B) All rock stars are witches and must learn which language, secret codewords in which songs are written in that have different meaning to the initiated. (similar to dog whistles in politics)

Occult authors such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien similarly summon demons into each copy of their books so that children would be guided towards Satan. They also own most televangelists such as Billy Graham and Pat Roberson. They paid Jerry Falwell $50 million to join their cause.

The 4 members of the Beatles are four major Satanic prophets, with their White Album “considered to be the Book of Revelation to witches.” Charles Manson was sent to prison in order to organize inmates across US prisons for “Helter Skelter”, the day when Manson and 200,000 soldiers would escape prison and slaughter Christians across the Unites States. The Illuminati-controlled government is helping by imposing gun control laws in order to minimize resistance during the massacre.

Christian rock music is also a gateway to Satan with its druidic-inspired drum beats… so are astrology, jewelry, Tarot cards (which demons personally guide), regularly playing cards, role playing games, Ouija boards…

Star Wars was considered a major hit for the Illuminati. All actors were initiated witches and picked from the cast of the Young and the Restless soap opera. (they weren’t) All actors on soap operas must also be witches. He also claims that the supernatural 60s soap opera Dark Shadows was based on the Collins family diaries which he provided.

Atlas Shrugged is the Illuminati blueprint for a New World Order which the Illuminati refer to as The Conspiracy, or the Great Conspiracy. (using the word Illuminati in public is punishable by death, a fate that Todd has managed to escape) The book was commissioned in 1966 by Philippe de Rothschild and written by his paramour, Ayn Rand. (Tape 3A) They added juicy sex scenes to the book in order to keep decent Christians from reading it and discovering their secret plans. According to Todd, John Galt is Philippe de Rothschild.

He claims that fans of Atlas Shrugged are communist. (at this point anyone who has read the book should question if he had done so himself – Fans of Rand are selfish, entitled assholes, not communists.)

The Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire from H.P. Lovecraft’s equally fictional universe is actually a sacred witches’ bible. (Tape 3A) Todd claims to have seen word for word passages from the Necronomicon in the Book of Mormon.

In 1972, documents received via a US State Department diplomatic pouch directly from the Rothschild Tribunal convinced Todd that he had to leave the Illuminati. One document detailed an 8-year plan for total control of the world. (minus China, which would be totally wiped out – Tape 1B) It also included a letter from the Rothschilds saying that they had “found their man”, and believed to have found the Antichrist – They were referring to Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy Carter - 39th POTUS and Antichrist-in-waiting
Jimmy Carter – 39th POTUS and Antichrist-in-waiting

Needless to say, the Illuminati did not take over the world in 1980, Jimmy Carter was not installed as the Antichrist, and China remains intact with an aggressive growth towards capitalist.

Upon discovering Todd’s defection, the Illuminati immediately put a bounty on his head. However, Todd was now protected by Jesus Christ and survived multiple attempts on his life, including escaping unarmed from an exploding building.

The Illuminati is directly controlled by Lucifer. Under Lucifer is the Rothschild Tribunal, to which he directly gives his orders. The All-Seeing eye on the US dollar bill represents Lucifer, while the capstone represents the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are not humans; they are the sons and daughters of Lucifer and are considered gods among the Illuminati. The Rothschild Tribunal gives its orders to the Council of 13 aka the Grand Druid Council. (Tape 1A) The Illuminati now goes by the name of Moriah.

in America, the Illuminati is represented through the Trilateral Council (he means Trilateral Commission) which is the central committee of the Council of Foreign Affairs (he means Council on Foreign Relations). It is financed by Standard Oil who always uses the colors red and blue in their corporate logos. (Todd was familiar with Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it Conspiracy and had probably listened to Myron Fagan’s lecture on the Illuminati. (audio | transcript)

Freemasonry is a tool of the Illuminati. Todd claims that every Mason has to take a life in order to ascend to the 33rd degree.

With each lecture, Todd’s tales grew increasingly implausible. For instance he once claimed that John F. Kennedy faked his own death and that as the Kennedy’s personal warlock, had just returned from counseling the late President on his yacht. The same audience that had been his bread and butter gradually turned on him in 1979 with the publication of critical The Todd Phenomenon as well as condemning articles in Cornerstone Magazine and Christianity Today exposing his lies.

Eventually Todd, who had been fired from numerous jobs for inappropriate behavior towards teenage girls was found guilty of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Predictively, Todd and his supporters claimed that he had been framed by the Illuminati, more specifically, a US Senator who wished to get his hands on Todd’s list of Christians presently in hiding. With no congressman or senator to rescue him, he was left to serve his sentence until 2004, when he was transferred to a mental health facility where he died in 2007.

Although, few people take Todd’s claims seriously anymore, influential researchers such as Jack Chick, Fritz Springmeier, and Henry Makow continued to support his claims. In the early 80s, Todd was invited by Randy and Vicki Weave to lecture in Iowa. (Unlike Todd, Weaver had been an actual Green Beret) They too, believed that the federal government was about to round up and annihilate Christians culminating in the events at Ruby Ridge.

His stories have found their way into many of the tales by the Illuminati whistleblowers on this page and modern commentators such as G Craige Lewis and Professor Griff continue to parrot his claims about the music industry. (repackaging Todd’s claims about Rock for Hip Hop)

Sources and further information:
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This archive includes Tape 1A (43 min), 1B (44 min), 2A (43 min), 2B (40 min), 3A (43 min), 3B (40 min), 4A (43 min), 4B (1 hour 16 min), 5A (41 min), 5B (39 min), 6A (43 min), and 6B (36 min).

Most of the information on Todd comes directly from these tapes.

Some juicy bits on youtube:
John Todd a Former Illuminist- Explaining The Illuminati (Full Length)
= clipped from Tape 3A (start at 2:03)

John Todd’s introduction to Atlas Shrugged (transcript from Tape 3A starting at 3:31)

John Todd – The Rothschilds are children of Lucifer Tape 6A starting at 14:58

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Cornerstone MagazineThe John Todd Story by Gary Metz

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American born into the Illuminati and groomed from before her birth by Reptilian alien overlords to become a Mother Goddess and High Priestess capable of summoning interdimensional being known as The Old Ones.


Associated Acts: David Icke

Arizona Wilder was born into the Illuminati and groomed to become a High Priestess of the Illuminati and one of three of its Mother Goddesses. (aka Starfire) Her birth was planned by the Illuminati and her parents were forced to relocate to California so that Arizona could begin her training.

Her training involved being tortured by a variety of means including, brain electroshocks, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, drug injections, sensory overload, and eating her own feces. This was done in order to create split personalities which could be programmed and used as needed by the Illuminati. Various cuts to her brainstem gave her a photographic memory. (which she clearly doesn’t have) Wilder’s programmer was Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele who wore a huge emerald ring on his left hand and went by the name of Dr. Green. (see here for who Dr. Green might be)

Wilder was chosen well before her birth for her role as a Mother Goddess. They required her psychic abilities which gave her the unique gift of being able to summon the “Old Ones”, interdimensional Reptilians. She was also one of the few powerful enough to keep them from crossing the magic circle and coming into our world.

At the age of 5 she traveled to Leningrad to help develop their psychic research program in conjunction with the KGB. In one experiment, she had to astrally project herself into an adjacent room and use a pencil to mark a piece of paper. Much to the Soviets’ amazement, she was able to do so on her third try.

Icke's Biggest Secret, also known as the Biggest
Icke’s Biggest Secret

Illuminati rituals are usually conducted on military bases to avoid interference from outsiders. She visited a 14-level deep underground base underneath Area 51 and there, learned to communicate psychically with dolphins. She also met Grays referred to as “Psibers” that were manufactured from the genes of the aforementioned dolphins. They were also Reptilians walking around in their non-human forms.

According to Arizona, members of the Illuminati are not humans. They are Reptilian aliens who need to consume human blood in order to maintain their human shapes. They also have a tendency to shapeshift while they are sleeping. (which would most certainly cause some embarrassing moments) A whiff of blood can cause them to shapeshift. (Illuminati Reptilians generally make crappy surgeons or soldiers.) Arizona tells us that the Royal palace household whenever someone on staff had their period. They find menstrual blood of a recently-terrorized Aryan to be especially tasty, although human babies are still the highest form of sacrifice.

She has seen George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Hillary Clinton, Jay Rockefeller, Newt Gingrich, at Illuminati rituals. During these rituals she witnessed Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Guy de Rothschild, Tony Blair, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, shapeshift into their Reptilian forms. Oddly enough, she has also seen ancient alien astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin shapeshift into a lizard. His role is to spread disinformation.

Joseph Mengele, also a shapeshifter, usually accompanied her to these rituals. The rituals usually begin with a sacrifice, then a blood feast, followed by an orgy. (so pretty much a standard Game of Thrones episode)

She once overheard Fayed and Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle discussing arrangements for the ritual sacrifice of Princess Diana. She adds that as Diana lay dying in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel, her unborn fetus was removed and distributed to “high Illuminati members to consume.”

David Icke, of course, eats this up.

The Illuminati is governed by 13 bloodlines which are mostly made up of British and other European royal families. The Aryan race lived on the Mars before the Reptilian came to the planet and took it over. The Aryans escaped to Earth’s moon before again being attacked by Reptilians. They moved to Earth 6,000 years ago and began mixing with Earth’s local population. The Illuminati holds the key to Atlantis.

However, 2,000 years later, the Reptilian arrived and started the Merovingian bloodline along with the 13 bloodlines of Europe. Aryans with blues eyes and blonde hair are deemed especially pure, and the Reptilians are careful in keeping the pure Aryans (the Martians) from interbreeding with the local population. Note that the members of the British royal family are very poor blue-eyed, blonde-haired specimens. 😕

A French aristocrat known as Pindar is the undisputed leader of the Illuminati, surpassing Queen Elizabeth, or even the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in status. Pindar stands for “Phallus of the Dragon” but his public personality is the Marquis de Libeaux. The Illuminati puts a lot of effort into spreading Pindar’s seeds and impregnating has many Aryan women as possible. Arizona once saw pet dragons in Pindar’s basement while wandering around Alsace-Lorraine castle.

Wilder was also impregnated several times with Pindar’s seeds by his henchmen, Guy de Rothschild, who had been tasked with her impregnation.

Ms. Wilder first realized that something was wrong in 1989 while undergoing psychotherapy and realizing she had a lot of missing time. She was soon able to recover memories of being sexually and ritually abused by her father as part of her mind control programming. She attributes her ability to regain her memories to the death of her programmer and handler Josef Mengele in that same year. Guy de Rothschild tried to take over as her handler but failed.

She eventually escaped in 1993 by cutting off her hair. (I kid you not.)

The National Security Agency soon started following and harassing her.

Did Wilder offer any proof for her claims?

The necklace allows the wearer to amplify their superpowers. The ring is  only given to Mother Goddesses.
The necklace allows the wearer to amplify their superpowers. The ring is only given to Mother Goddesses.

No. She drew a bunch of pictures based on her recovered memories. None of her artwork shows anything Reptilian looking. She also showed Icke her “Mother Goddess ring” and a copper necklace that supposedly allowed her to amplify her psychic powers during Illuminati rituals.

However, she has recanted most of what I present here. She is the only one to have done so on this list thus far. She disavowed anything she told David Icke, but now believes she was programmed using electric shocks in preparation for her meeting with Icke.

Sources and further information:
The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World – 1999

Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave”, Arizona Wilder’s presentation at the 2001 Global Sciences Congress in Denver
56 minutes

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2 hours 55 minutes
Transcript: (scroll down to Table of Contents parts 1-6)

Arizona Wilder – Deceived No More
2003 Conspiracy Con in Santa Clara
1 hour 37 minutes

The Prodigal Witch Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves (Part 2)



Monarch Mind Control victim and programmer born into an Illuminati family and groomed to marry the Antichrist until recovering her memories, leaving the Family, and going through intensive deprogramming sessions for over a decade.


Associated Acts: Fritz Springmeier, Greg Szymanski | image source

Cisco Wheeler was born into a “transgenerational satanic family”. Her father was a mind control master programmer for the US government, a 33º Freemason, Grand Druid Council member, and Illuminati Grand Master, who made a living drug running during the Vietnam War. He had married her mother, a good Christian, in order to infiltrate Christianity as part of Illuminati plans back in the ‘40s.

Her trauma-based programming began while she was still in her mother’s womb so she could sexually service the top echelon of the US political structure, including President Dwight Eisenhower, as well as governors, mayors, and members of the British Royal Family.

Wheeler’s two primary programmers were her father, known as Mr. Black, and none other than Nazi war criminal

 Josef Mengele, Monarch motif
Josef Mengele, Monarch motif

, known as Dr. Green (or Greenbaum) Mengele is a recurring character in Monarch recovered memories. Cisco’s father was Mengele’s number 2 man.

Cisco was part of the Illuminati’s Monarch mind control program. According to Monarch theories, the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program is considerably more advanced than it is being let on. Thanks to Nazi advancements, the CIA/Illuminati is now able to create a perfect mind-control slave by using traumatic events, and films such as Fantasia, Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland to create multiple personalities. Each perfectly isolated personality (altar) can then be programmed for various Illuminati functions (sex, assassination, blackmail, spy, etc.). According to internal documents that Cisco has seen, there were over 2 million active Monarch slaves in the US in 1968.

She was very close to her father due being kept in isolation and having exclusive contact with him. As a programmer, he was able to control her liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs using hypnosis. At 18 months, she was suddenly taken from him. The next time they met, he violently rapped her to begin her trauma-based programming.

Apparently unaware that she is using a pseudonym and that her family name is not actually Wheeler, (either Johnson or Anderson) she tells us that she is the grandniece of US Army General Earle Wheeler (her father’s partner in Vietnam drug smuggling) supposedly himself a descendent of President Ulysses Grant. (he isn’t)

Many of Wheeler’s recovered memories of trauma feature cages.

Cages in the desert – Wheeler and other 2-4 year old children were individually kept in hot cages in the desert. They were left in the scorching heat for hours without any water or food. Josef Mengele would then walk in between the cages with a daisy in hand. He would play a twisted version of He loves me, he loves me not with the cage’s occupant. If the last petal pulled was a “love me not”, he would take the child out of the cage and murder them on the spot.

Cisco says this exercise was for her benefit only because she was special and the Illuminati had something planned for her. All the other children were expendables. It served to demonstrate what would happen in Mengele stopped “loving” her.

Kittens in cages – In order to make Illuminati slaves into kittens, the Illuminati would set up two cages and put kittens in one and a young girl in the other. The kittens were given love and affection while she would be shocked every time she wanted food or water. She was spit on and humiliated for being a human child. She had to create a split personality and become a kitten to escape. Cisco still didn’t believe herself to be human when being deprogrammed year later.

Monkeys in cages – She would be locked with other children in cages while monkey and apes took care of them. One monkey would feed them, one would beat them, and the other would rape them.

13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati
13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Cisco claims that the ultimate function of the Illuminati Monarch system is to provide the Antichrist with bribes, the three Mothers of Darkness. She, of course, was chosen to be one of these 3 brides. Members swear an oath to Lucifer, to bring on the end times and to install the Antichrist on his throne. They are from the 13 Illuminati bloodlines and no one from outside these bloodlines is allowed in.

She finally broke free at the age of 40 when her father, who had been her handler and primary programmer, died. (She doesn’t mention if Mengele’s death in 1979 had any effect) She soon began reintegrating her personalities and met four other women who also had been programmed as Monarch Sex Slaves by her father. Because all 5 women had been trained as programmers,(shades of Svali #7) they were able to “understand the inside of the heartbeat of Lucifer himself” and carefully deprogram themselves over the course of many years.

Fritz's guidebook to creating a mind-controlled slave
Fritz’s guidebook to creating a mind-controlled slave

You’d think that Monarch slaves suddenly breaking free when the master dies would be a problem for the Illuminati, but Wheeler tells us that they are suicide altars that are triggered when the Master dies causing subjects to off themselves. (Wouldn’t that be an even bigger problem? The death of a single primary programmer would trigger a domino effect and cause hundreds of people to kill themselves… I’m not sure Ms. Wheeler has actually thought this through…)

Breaking off from the all-powerful Illuminati has not been easy for Cisco. She gets a lot of threatening phone calls, letters, and routinely got ran off the road and shot at. Illuminati agents would also wait for her at her therapist’s just to let her know that they could burn her house down or shoot one of her children in the head.

Sometimes, they would kidnap her, torture her, electrocute her, drug her, and rape her (including “gun-rape”) over and over again.

Unfazed, Wheeler joined up with Fritz Springmeier, author of 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati and deprogrammer. They wrote 3 books together: They Know Not What They Do, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, and Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula. The last two books are instructions on creating Illuminati slaves.

She is still alive and maintains a website at

Sources and further information:
Wayne Morris Interviews Cisco Wheeler

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave (Read Now | Buy)

Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula (Read Now | Buy)



European Prince of Scottish and Sicilian Illuminati bloodlines, reincarnation of Jesus, Illuminati Prince, Illuminati Grandmaster, P2 Lodge Member, 33° Freemason, 9/11 insider, arms dealer, and club DJ who defected from the Illuminati to expose it on conspiracy forums and websites, only to join the Illuminati again as its new leader.


Associated Acts: Project Camelot*, Henry Makow, Greg Szymanski, Benjamin Fulford

Leo Zagami came on the scene around 2006 with his own Illuminati Confessions website with his revelations of being a former high-level Grandmaster of the Illuminati quickly gained the attention of conspiracy theorists. I first heard of Zagami on conspiracy forum AboveTopSecret where his claims were generally greeted with skepticism by the community.

Zagami claims that he was born into an Illuminati aristocratic bloodline and that as a Prince of the Illuminati, he was groomed from an early age to take over Licio Gelli’s position as head of the Masonic P2 Lodge and King of the Illuminati. Despite his high-level Illuminati connection, Leo the DJ, was super excited about meeting a regional radio commercial director while visiting a “hairdresser for a nice haircut”. This is unusual for someone being groomed for the position of Illuminati King.

Zagami admitted ordering the 9/11 attacks, but assured us that we should not blame him for his decision as everyone would understand at the end of 2012 when the plans for a New World Order would be revealed and he would be elevated to the rank of emperor (he wasn’t) following a civil war. (there wasn’t) He believes himself to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

In the summer of 2004, Zagami founded Matrixism, a religion based on the Matrix trilogy and associated video games. According to Leo, Matrixism has over 16,000 adherents worldwide. In 2009, he proclaimed himself the Prophet of Matrixism, Neo Leo Lyon Zagami. Matrixism was due to become the religion of 2012, but this also, never came to pass. (Note that the influential dark web document titled The Matrix has no relation to Leo’s Matrixism. The Matrix prison is an important resistance metaphor.)

After taking the name Khaled Saifullah and a brief undercover infiltration operation of Islam failed, Zagami returned to Christianity and once again became a leader in the Illuminati. He swears that he will fight the evil elements within the Illuminati and that he now has the backing of the Knights Templars of the Apocalypse, an army at his disposal chosen from the CIA, the military and the FBI. The unit also recruits from Leo’s own paramilitary forces Green Lyons Security Team who he claims number over 12,000 troops.

Around this time, Zagami threatened to use US intelligence assets at his disposal to assassinate the prime minister of Norway. (He sounds reeeaaally angry… and psychotic.)

Does Leo have proof for any of this?

unconvincing proof
As proof of membership in the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico, Leo offers us by-laws from the Kirby Lodge and what looks to be a gym pass

Despite having a visibly bulging folder of evidence for his claims during his Project Camelot interview, Zagami actually shows us very little. He flaunts a silly-looking badge as his Masonic bonafides and claims membership in the Comitato Esecutivo Massonico (Masonic Executive Committee) in Monte Carlo. However when pro-Masonic website looked into the existence of this Lodge or committee in Monaco, they only found one Hercules Lodge #4626 in the entire country. Could Leo be lying? 😏

They also found that without a valid and current Masonic membership, it is unlikely that Leo is a 33rd degree Mason. Leo claimed to have been initiated as a 33º Scottish Rite at the age of 23 in Rome by Prince Alliata Di Montereale. This claim eventually led to a split between early promoter Greg Szymanski and Zagami after a colleague of Greg’s pointed out that Zagami had never produced or shown his Masonic “secret” book given only to 33º Freemasons.

The “secret” book, Pike’s Moral and Dogma can easily be read online or purchased on Amazon by anyone THIS false information, NOT the obvious BS about being the Messiah and commanding the entire western Illuminati, is what convinced Szymanski that Zagami was lying! 😯

Why Leo isn’t dead? Why is he still around telling us these things?

Like Fox Mulder, it would validate everything he says; he would become a martyr. (Precisely what didn’t happen to Solomon Tribune)

Zagami currently lives in San Francisco and has been pretty quiet these last years. Meanwhile, none of his predictions have come true and most of his websites are offline. His exchange with Squarespace after having his account suspended and being told to remove personal information such as private phone numbers of people he called Satanists is probably the funniest thing on the net. Also, it shows that Zagami might actually believe his spiel.

“Please re-open again my site as you are violating the contract you have with me and you are supporting openly Satanism and the NEW WORLD ORDER BY DOING THIS.
I am going public to the press about it and will ruin the image of SQUARE SPACE AROUND THE WORLD.”


He maintains a Facebook.

*Although I included Project Camelot as an “associated act”, it is apparent in Zagami’s interview, that Kerry Cassidy was growing increasingly impatient with Leo’s evasion of issues and not answering direct questions. Nevertheless, she stuck to the project’s mission and presented the interview as is.

Major sources and further information:

Project Camelot Interview



Canadian expat living in Japan chosen by the 6-million strong Asian secret society as chief peace negotiator between it and the Rockefeller-led western Illuminati.


Associated Acts: Project Camelot, Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, Leo Zagami

Fulford was a relatively unknown journalist living in Japan before he caught the Illuminati’s attention following an interview with Japanese Minister of State for Financial Services (Finance) Heizō Takenaka and supposedly confronted him on having sold out the Japanese economy to a group of Rockefeller/Rothschild/Illuminati controlled companies.

Enter the Ninja
Enter the Ninja
Fulford posing with his would-be-assassin

The very next day, Fulford was threatened by a Masonic-badge brandishing ninja who warned Fulford that he had to accept the position of Japanese Minister of Finance or die! The assassin then posed for a picture with his indented victim. (left) In a later telling, the badge becomes a ring and the post Ultraman to the United Nations. Ultraman was a popular Japanese TV series, not an actual United Nations post. (looks pretty good, I wish I could understand it.)

The Ninja informed Fulford that there were 13 secret levels beyond the 33 Masonic degrees and that their goal was population control through war, disease, famine, and environmental destruction. Fulford had to stop exposing the Illuminati.

Being the hero that he is, Fulford considered playing along by going undercover in infiltrating the Illuminati and grudgingly accepting the prestigious position of Japanese Minister of Finance.

However, the very next day (busy week for Mr. Fulford) a member of an Asian secret society known as the Red and Green Societies approached Fulford and offered him protection from the Western Illuminati. The man told him that the Red and Green Societies had 6-million members, including almost 2 million gangsters, 100,000 assassins, and intellectuals. As proof of the existence of these societies, the man offered Fulford this book and that one. (For a journalist, Fulford is surprisingly ignorant of how easily books are printed)

Fulford assures us that “people who know will know it’s real.” In other words, if you don’t know, it’s because you’re not in the loop, buddy! Fortunately, Fulford also offers this picture taken at a secret meeting of the societies. Ooff! and here I was doubting… 🙄

The Red and Green Societies were alarmed by Fulford’s claim that the Western Illuminati had developed SARS as an Asian-specific bioweapon and planned to reduce the world’s Asian population to fewer than 500 million people.

The Red and Green Societies asked Fulford for a list of members of the Illuminati. Fulford compiled and provided them with a list of some 10,000 members; Skull and Bonesmen, CFR members, and Bilderberg attendees, as well as the Neocons behind the Project for the New American Century. Additionally, Fulford claims that the Illuminati worship their sun god, Lucifer. The Red and Green Societies, obviously amazed by Fulford’s information gathering abilities, promptly made him the chief negotiator between the Western Illuminati and itself.

Fulford went on the Jeff Rense radio show and gave the Illuminati an ultimatum. Apparently, conspiracy radio broadcasts and websites are a favorite method of communicating with the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, and other Illuminati members. (Hi David!)

The Illuminati did not take the threat lightly. They immediately deployed their plasma weapon to cause an earthquake near a Japanese nuclear power plant.

Fulford and Rockefeller (without a vibrator possibly up his ass)
Fulford and Rockefeller (with vibrator possibly up his ass)

Our hero then decided to invite globalist kingpin David Rockefeller for a parlay so that World War 3 could be avoided.

Fulford’s great-grandfather had made a fortune selling Dr. William’s Pink Pills for Pale People, a popular early century snake oil containing a mix of iron oxide and epsom salts. Rockefeller’s own great grandfather William had also been a snake oil salesman. Fulford felt that this relationship made he and Rockefeller kins and that he might be able to reach a ceasefire agreement.

Surprisingly, Fulford managed to get an interview with Rockefeller when Fulford was informed that Rockefeller was on his turf. (he admits in the interview seeing his picture in the papers the previous day) Fulford brags that he could have had Rockefeller brought to him “tied up with a vibrator up his ass.” but thought that might impede his negotiations 😬 …. and instead decided to have a disappointingly friendly, lackluster interview.

However, he offered a deconstruction of what Rockefeller is really saying during the interview, which involves badly twisting what Rockefeller is saying into something totally different. For example, when Rockefeller says:

“I don’t think that I really feel…that we need a world government. We need governments of the world that work together and collaborate. But, I can’t imagine that there would be any likelihood … or even that it would be desirable… to have a single government elected by the people of the world.”

Fulford singles out Rockefeller’s use of “elected by the people” to mean that Rockefeller does in fact want a one word government, but a secret one world government. Not one elected by the people. I’m certainly no fan of the Rockefellers, but that’s just dishonest.

The rest of the interview is rather tedious while Fulford keeps twisting Rockefeller’s words in his commentary inserts. At one point in the interview, Rockefeller is desperately looking up at one of his handlers for rescue. Fulford went on to report that the two had reached an off-camera agreement. (Ha!) GW Bush would quit by August 2007 (he didn’t) and free energy would be released to the world. (it wasn’t)

Fulford then gave Rockefeller 3 letters that he had channeled through his great grandfather’s ghost.

It was around this time that many conspiracists realized that Fulford had lost the plot and he quickly began losing his supporters.

The Day the Earth Stood Still as representatives for the Illuminati and the Red Green Societies come to an agreement.
The Day the Earth Stood Still as representatives for the Illuminati and the Red Green Societies come to an agreement.

Having lost the public’s interest, Fulford began making even wilder claims. He joined forces with fellow scam artist whistleblower Leo Zagami (#4) These two giants of the Illuminati underworld with Fulford representing the Red and Green Societies and Zagami the opposing western Illuminati promised that the Federal Reserve would end by the end of 2009 (it didn’t), that there would be no more wars (there still are), no more poverty (there still is), and no more secret societies. (there still are)

Obviously due to to his overwhelming success in keeping humanity out of World War 3 in his role as negotiator for the Red and Green Societies, Fulford became the spokesperson for the Black Dragon Society, the White Dragon Society, and the Golden Dragon Society.

(note: the very real Black Dragon Society was originally founded by “Shadow Shogun” Tōyama Mitsuru. Fulford’s tales include facts and fiction)

In this capacity, Fulford met with Alexander Romanov (heir to the non-existent Russian throne who creepishly calls Queen Elizabeth, auntie), Grandmaster of the Gnostic Illuminati, a group he claims started the French, American and Russian Revolutions. Romanov, who refers to himself as the Antichrist, initially met Fulford when he was sent in by Tony Blair to frame Fulford on drug charges. Luckily, Fulford escape the charges as well as 6 attempts on his life by agents of the Illuminati.

Romanov claims that Jews, Christians, and Muslims unknowingly worship Satan, this being one of the Illuminati’s secrets. The big Illuminati secret is the cover-up of evidence for a highly advanced ancient civilization which we know of as Atlantis. Also, he offers a $1 million gold bounty on GW Bush’s head. 😲

Fulford also met Daikaku Chodoin, the head of the “Martial Arts Societies”, who according to Fulford, is able to summon an army of 200 million on short notice. 😤

By this time, I doubt anyone is taken the obviously delusional Fulford seriously. Nevertheless, he continues predicting various financial collapse throughout the world. Like a broken clock, he’s bound to get one right one of these days, and I’m sure that he will milk it for all its worth when he does.

Sources and further information:
The Ultimatum : Benjamin Fulford
Project Camelot Interview, Feb 2008

Fulford & Rockefeller: The Japan Interview FULL VERSION (38 min includes commentary inserts)

Benjamin Fulford On Jeff Rense (3 hours)

This month’s Pants Afire Award goes to… Benjamin Fulford! – Swallowing the Camel



Satanic High Priest, Druid High Priest, Catholic Bishop, 9° Ordo Templi Orientis, New Age Guru, 2° Church of Satan, 3° Wiccan, Channeler, Astrologer, Tarot Diviner, 3° Master Mason, 32° Scottish Rite Mason, 9° York Rite Mason, 90° Memphis-Misraim Mason, 9° Rosicrucian, Knight Templar, Voodoo High Priest, vampire, and member of the Illuminati with 16 years of occult experience before losing all his superpowers after a random bank clerk prayed for his deliverance.


Associated Acts: Jack Chick, The Prophecy Club, Stephanie Relfe

Unlike other Illuminati whistleblowers, Bill Schnoebelen wasn’t born in a prominent Illuminati bloodline (his father owned a tire shop), nor was he groomed from early childhood for a high position within the Illuminati. Rather, he chose to join the Illuminati of his own free will well into his adult life. Schnoebelen was given access into the elusive Illuminati after having joined just about every occult organization on the planet, accumulating superpowers in the process, which the Illuminati deemed useful.

Schnoebelen is by far the most gifted storyteller on this list. As part of the research for this article, I had to sit through his 4 hour lecture at the Prophecy Club and his 9 hour Interview with an Ex-Vampire (fortunately, transcripts are available for the latter.)

Tower of Babel - NWO failed prototype
Tower of Babel – NWO failed prototype

Bill describes the Illuminati as a plan hatched by Nimrod, a follower of Lucifer, following the Great Flood. Nimrod attempted to build the Tower of Babel, thus forming a one world government and initiating the plans for a New World Order – An ancient model of the United Nations.

However, God himself did not want a NWO and famously created confusion among the builders of the Tower of Babel, causing the conspiracy to go underground. The Illuminati reemerged within the mystery religions and fertility cults. They worshipped Baal and continue to do so today through Masonry who are obsessed with phallic symbols such as the obelisk. Psalm 2 describes these conspirators and their ancient conspiracy.

The secrets of Freemasonry are based on Babylonian witchcraft passed on through the Knights Templars, Hashashin (who pioneered mind-control techniques and introduced moles and sleeper agents to the spy world), Rosicrucians, and of course, modern Freemasonry. Schnoebelen tells us that the Royal Secret of Masonry is the gift of immortality which is achieved by sodomizing young boys, thus draining and stealing their lifeforce, and gaining access to other dimensions. The all-seeing eye of the US dollar bill is the Eye of Lucifer which represents this anal interdimensional gateway. He claims that all Masons are drawn to pedophilia and homosexuality, and that he himself was attracted to young boys when he was a Freemason.

Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit charged with bringing back paganism by infiltrating secret societies. He used Islamic mysticism and magic, Jedi Jesuit mind control techniques, Masonic secrets of immortality, and drug induced altered state of consciousness. He founded the Order on May 1st in order to honor Beltane. Following the Masonic doctrine of ‘Orbo Ad Chaos’, or ‘Order out of Chaos’, the Illuminati instigated the French Revolution.

The Illuminati gets rich from membership dues from low level masons. At the top of the Illuminati pyramid are 7 men who report to fallen angels who themselves report directly to Lucifer. The order is kept secret because all members are possessed by demons who will immediately manipulate pain receptors if a member attempts to leave the Order or blow the whistle on its operations. A fate, Mr. Schnoebelen, was obviously able to overcome. (all whistleblowers on this list have the uncanny gift for avoiding death)

The Illuminati usually look for (1) members of hereditary Illuminati bloodlines (2) people with the right occult background (this was Bill’s’ ticket into the Order) or (3) deemed sufficiently influential and have the right temperament for membership. He tells us that Richard Nixon was able to bypass freemasonry altogether and gain entry directly into the Illuminati.

Members of the Illuminati learn how to build temples to house demonic spirits. There Illuminati has 5 levels, in keeping with the Law of Five, (1) Adoption, (2) Illumination, (3) Conversation, (4) Congress, and finally (5) Union.

Bill tells of the “darndest thing” happening while on a visiting his parents. Unbeknownst to him at the time, he was going though his second level Illuminati initiation. He remembers levitating through the roof of his parents’ house and flying to a temple on one of the black moons surrounding Saturn. (note: I’m NOT making this up) He met Lucifer who was in the form of a winged bull with talons. He was surrounded by chanting figures dressed in black robes. Mutilated bodies lined the walls of the large, circular room.

The Beast extended one of its talons and touched Bill on the forehead by which he received the consciousness of Lucifer which he describes as a computer virus overwriting his human operating system and making the host superhuman. The Illuminati calls this receiving the Light of Lucifer.

He flew back to Earth on a comet. (again, not making this up) The next day, he woke to find his parents examining a huge crater in the backyard. As he looked into the mirror, he noticed a scar on his forehead.

Play audio for dramatic effect:


He also went through the 4rth level, Congress, where he joined the fictional Palladium Masonic Order. (invented by hoaxer Leo Taxil) The initiation involved becoming one with a fallen angel through sexual intercourse and marriage. Fortunately, Bill got out before the final step in which he would become one with Lucifer himself. He tells us that Adolph Hitler and Charles Manson were 5th level initiates of the Illuminati.

Schnoebelen's wacky timeline (original source on here. Illuminati added for this article)
Schnoebelen’s wacky timeline (original source here)
Illuminati added in black for this article

How Bill became Illuminated

Not being born directly into an Illuminati family, Bill had, by far, the longest journey of all the whistleblowers on this list before becoming a member of the Illuminati.

Bill Grew up in a middle-class Catholic household before having his life forever changed at the age of 8 after witnessing thousands of leathery, red-eyed creatures emerging from the sky on Halloween night. He believes that evil entered him on that night. In his teens he was blessed by demons known as The Great Old Ones and witnessed poltergeists having a knife fight in his buddy’s kitchen.

At college, he made a name for himself after raising a ghost who played piano and beat people up. The music was appreciated but not so much the beatings. So, Bill bought himself a copy of the Greater Key of Solomon in order to learn the exorcist rituals necessary to banish the ghost. After reciting unfamiliar Hebrew incarnations, the troubling spirit was never seen again. Bill knew then that he held power over the dead and the spirit world.

Bill once acted as a scribe while a friend summoned a demon at a ritual held in his friend’s garage. After hours of incarnations, his unnamed friend finally managed to summon one of the most fearful creatures on Earth, a demon Aleister Crowley called Choronzon. The demon, which towered to the roof of the garage, was safely quarantined until his buddy foolishly stepped out of the magic circle to answer the phone. The demon instantly took his friend to another dimension and he was never seen again. Afterwards, Bill looked for the source of the ringing and he discovered that there were…

…no phones in the room!!!


Demons usually communicate through voices but sometimes take physical form resembling a cross between a cockroach and a praying mantis. He claims that Simon’s Necronomicon is partly authentic and contains roughly half of the original grimoire. The original is hidden at the Vatican. (John Todd’s information on the Necronomicon differs greatly) The Necronomicon allows access to HP Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones. Simply opening the book can have disastrous consequences.

He also tells us that reading Harry Potter books will also cause the reader to pick up demons.

His Catholic professors introduced him to witchcraft and he soon became a witch, a certified astrologer, Tarot reader, and began channeling various spirits, including Hitler, Buddha, a 15th century Franciscan monk names Ambrosio, an African witch doctor, a Native American, Jesus, Nero, and Aleister Crowley. He claims that 15 minutes of channeling takes away approximately 5 years of a human lifespan. (He remains alive at 66.) The spirits told him to join the Church of Satan.

Bill had his name legally changed to Christopher Syn and promptly joined Lavey’s church. Bill discovered that the Church of Satan was nothing more than kid’s stuff was in reality, a gateway to real Satanism. He learned that that he to become a Freemason in order to gain access to hard core Satanism.

He became a Master Mason, went through the 9 York Rite degrees, and 32 Scottish Rite degrees, became a Shriner (whose red hats, he tells us, represent a Muslim prayer cap dipped in the blood of Christians), and reached the 90th degree of the Memphis-Misraim Rite. (an unapproved or “irregular” Masonic organization consisting of 99 degrees)

It is quite possible that Bill was able to join these organizations since Masons accept anyone who professes a belief in a supreme being. Scottish Rite Masons are even able to obtain degrees 4 to 32 over a few weekends. Bill claims the Vatican founded the Freemasons and that all upper level members of the Vatican are secret Masons and sorcerers. All high-level members of the Vatican, including its Pope, are Luciferians. He came to realize that Freemasonry was like an onion with the outside layers unaware of what the inner layers were up to and that regular Masons (non-affectionately called porch masons in conspiracy forums) were little more than cannon fodder for the Illuminati.

The average Freemason is unaware, for instance, that the cable tow used during Masonic initiation ceremony is really an umbilical cord linking Lucifer’s consort, the Queen of Hell, to her new child. Freemasonry is a gateway to soft core Satanism.

He had a bad experience with Voodoo after his superior and teacher repeatedly attempted to turn Bill into a were-tarantula. Fortunately, he got away from the nasty Voodoo priest in time.

Around this time, Bill decided to become a Satanic High priest and to sell his soul to Satan but first had to become a Catholic Priest and recruit 7 people to also sell their souls to Satan. He adds that all Satanic priests are also Catholic priests. Being ordained a priest was relatively easy since there happens to be people who sell such oddities. Bill was ordained a bishop in exchange for a granting a witch priesthood. An occult tit for tat.

He signed a contract in blood in a black book and was guaranteed 7 years of anything he wanted in return for Satan taking his life and soul at the end of these 7 years. Being a Satanist and viewing Hell as an eternal party, Bill readily accepted. He never personally sacrificed a human being, although he admitted to ritually sacrificing a hamster. (wtf?)

This led him to “the Abyss” where he was given the choice between becoming a werewolf or a vampire. Being familiar with what his werewolf air pilot buddy had to endure, he opted for vampirism.

Bill drank the blood of a fallen angel causing his body to metamorphose into something else. His skin blistered when exposed to sunlight and he was repelled by garlic. He also grew fangs, but has had corrective surgery done since. However, he could not change into mist or take the form of a bat, because that would be nonsensical. His blood type changed from O+ to O- and he had to feed on human blood and Catholic communion hosts to survive. He became addicted to blood and cocaine and took a job as a night newspaper deliveryman in order to avoid sunlight. (his 7 year deal with Satan evidently did not pay off much) Fortunately, with more than 175 witches serving under him in his covens, he easily found volunteers who offered up their jugular to fulfill his needs.

He admits that he occasionally wished to tore off the throat of prostitute and drain their entire body of blood while doing his late night delivery rounds (don’t we all? 😯 ) but his love for his wife and fear of getting caught prevented him from doing so.

He still occasionally gets indigestions due to his time as a vampire.

Joining the Illuminati

According to Bill, the Illuminati is an umbrella organization at the root of all conspiratorial movements on the planet. Again, the Rockefeller hold a prominent position within the Illuminati and the Rothschild is the oldest Illuminati family and at the head of Freemasonry.

The order is strictly invite only but Bill’s occult background and ability to summon demons made him to useful to the Illuminati. They discovered after Bill had been casually attending a Masonic ceremony when one of his demons unexpectedly channeled through Bill and recited a string of precise keywords which alerted the Illuminati to his powers. Presumably, the Illuminati keeps extraction teams on standby in all Masonic lodges for just such an occasion, as Bill claims to have been immediately whisked away into another room where he was taught real occult knowledge.

“I would say certain things…

Or I would give certain answers to questions that would be like keywords that would open doorways that the average Mason of Wisconsin would never be able to open.”

― Interview with an Ex-Vampire (Part 9)
(Youtube | Transcript)

The fact that he had so many demons at his behest was especially attractive to the Illuminati. Unfortunately, despite his supposedly wide knowledge of the order, he has very little evidence for its existence. He claims that the Illuminati uses cells consisting of a maximum of 3 members. Bill only knew two other members of the Order. This, despite having been flown into outer space in a Illuminati temple for his meeting with Lucifer.

Schnoebelen also describes Josef Mengele as being part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra project after being smuggled into the US via Operation Paperclip. (Mengele was actually smuggled to South America via one of the Vatican’s infamous ratlines) He worked in Canada on children obtained from orphanage and worked with LSD and torture in order to create child supersoldiers and design the basis of Project Monarch, in which individuals demons are inserted into individuals personalities created by traumatic events. The Monarch black project has been designing super soldiers and sex slaves ever since.

Even Mrs. Relfe, who is frustratingly sympathetic and patiently sits through the entire 9-hour ordeal, appears incredulous when Bill mentions the Order:

Relfe: When you got a letter from them, did they actually sign it, like, “Hi, this is the Illuminati here, please come join us.”?

Schnoebelen: No. It was actually the person who contacted me who wrote the letter.

Relfe: And how did you know it was from the Illuminati?

Schnoebelen: Well, because it had their letterhead. [Duh!]

Relfe: Oh. So, they have an actual letterhead?

Schnoebelen: Yes.”

― Interview with an Ex-Vampire (Part 9)
(Youtube | Transcript)

Bill was a member of the Illuminati for approximately one and a half year before…

Bill finds Jesus (almost)
Everything changed in 1980 when a random clerk in a random San Francisco bank came across a check Bill had written to the Church of Satan. The lady scribbled that she would pray for him in the name of Jesus on the back of the check and within a few days, Bill lost all his occult and vampiric superpowers. A single prayer had taken down the most powerful warlock on the west coast. (this statement is greeted with applause from the crowd. Bill the storyteller, knows his audience very well)

He prayed for guidance and two Mormons knocked at his door. He interpreted this rarest of event as a sign that he had to join the church. (as you might have noticed, Bill is fickle and extremely naive) He knew that Joseph Smith, a powerful sorcerer, had founded the Mormon Church for witches to provide them with cover.

Schnoebelen used his secrets tokens and passwords and gained access to restricted floors and underground basements hidden underneath the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City where a member of the church’s inner circle told him that Lucifer was the true god of Mormonism.

Spires.  Decorative elements or devious attempt to impale Jesus Christ?
Spires. Decorative? or devious attempt to impale Jesus Christ? 😲

He eventually grew disillusioned with Mormonism as well, and joined forces with veteran anti-Mormon Ed Decker. Bill drew the attention of the church with his claim that the spires on Mormon temples represented “an upside-down nail pointing defiantly toward heaven, as if to impale the Lord Jesus Christ anew when he comes in the clouds.”

Bill reports that Mormons welding axes and shotguns soon began piling up in trucks and stalking him. He once survived an attempt on his life during a hospital stay when he noticed that a nurse, who was about to apply a deadly poison to his forehead, was wearing Mormon underwear. 😏

Bill takes Born Again cure-for-everything
In 1984, Bill gave his life to Jesus Christ and was saved. (more applause)

There were many attempts on Bill’s life. He was once chased by gigantic red-eyed demons that soon surrounded his house. Bill banished them in the name of Jesus and they left. (Presumably, pouting all the way back to Hell.)

Later, a werewolf in a Mack semi truck drove head on towards Bill’s car with his wife, and his parents as passengers. When they were about to collide, Bill yelled out “Yahweh” which made the car and its occupants disintegrate and pass through the truck emerging completely unharmed on the other side. (something like this) He describes being able to observe the truck’s engine components as his disintegrated body magically passed through it.

The true name of God is truly powerful. One day, a Shaolin Master Monk came to his friend and fellow minister’s house in Wyoming and challenged his God. His friend yelled out in the name of Jesus and the monk was instantly pinned to the ground and unable to move.

Bill warns that many Christians are fooled into using Bibles other than the King James Version which gives Lucifer power. The KJV is the only one to have been blessed by a king. He also warns against using Jesus instead of Yahushua, and God, instead of Yahweh, which again, empowers Lucifer.

Today, Bill Schnoebelen has his own ministry and continues to appear in documentaries.

Sources and further information:

Bill Schnoebelen – Interview with an Ex-Vampire 1 of 9 – (transcripts here)

The Prophecy Club Exposing the Illuminati from Within Bill Schnoebelen (Part 2)

Mormonism’s Temple of Doom – Bill Schnoebelen

The Prodigal Witch Part VII: Bill Schnoebelen ⭐

Encyclopedia of American Loons: #350: William Schnoebelen

No.7 Svali


A woman going by the pseudonym of Svali claims to have been born into the Illuminati (aka the Order, the Family) where she was head mind control programmer and trainer before self-deprogramming herself and escaping the cult with her family.


Associated Acts: Project Camelot, Henry Makow, Greg Szymanski

Svali was born in Germany (also in Virginia 😕 ) into a multigenerational, wealthy Illuminati family. Her mother was a high-level member of the Washington D.C. branch and held the Spiritual Chair, one of 6 chairs on the Ascended Masters Council. (the other chairs are Sciences, Government, Leadership, Scholarship, and Military) Like most of the others on this list, she was groomed from an early age for a key position in the Illuminati.

Kill me
Kill me. 😱

At 2, she underwent assassination training by being placed in an electrocuted metal cage. She was set free and given a kitten to kill. If she refused, she was put back into the cage and given more shocks. She eventually complied and they would repeat the process with increasingly bigger animals until she began hand-to-hand combat at the age of 9.

At the age of 12, she had a Coming of Age Ceremony in a large circular room in the catacombs underneath the Vatican. At the center of the room was a large table on top of a golden pentagram. A 3-4-year old boy was brought in, quietly laid on that table and sacrificed by a man dressed in red.

Svali and the two other children accompanying her then knelt down, kissed the man’s golden ring, and swore lifelong allegiance to the New World Order and to He Who Is To Come. She was then told that the same fate as the young boy awaited her if she ever broke her oath.

According to Svali, anyone wishing to rise within the Catholic Church has to perform the same ritual. The Illuminati believes that Rome is the spiritual center of the universe.

Most members of the Illuminati are born in the Order and it rarely recruits from outside the group. Members are groomed early on for their adult role in the Illuminati. Some will join the Mafia, others will run slavery, prostitution, or pornography rings. They follow Lucifer, not Satan.

Following graduation, she joined the Illuminati’s Science division and quickly rose to the position of head mind control programmer and trainer. She programmed and indoctrinated children for the Illuminati. By day, she played the role of the good American wife and teacher at a Christian school. At nights, she was programmed to wake from her sleep and attend Illuminati meetings. At the time, she believed everyone went to bed with their clothes on. :???

At these highly-secure meetings, Illuminati members learned how to shoot with deadly accuracy and received intensive martial art training.

She maintained this lifestyle for over a decade when she suddenly left the group in 1995, suddenly realizing that baby killing was “not normal”. Apparently, the all-powerful Illuminati does not take oaths sealed by child sacrifice seriously. With the help of God (which according to others on this list, is actually Satan 😯 ), she then spent a year extensively deprogramming herself using techniques she had learned while ritually abusing and programming multiple personalities in others.

She later wrote a series of of articles on ritual abuse at Suite101, and she did an 18-part interview in 2000 that quickly caught the attention of Illuminati conspiracy researchers.

Soon following his 2006 interview with Svali, radio host Greg Szymanski claimed that she had gone missing. But her “friend” posted in 2009 that Svali was alive and well and announced the launch of her new website! However, she soon went quiet again …

Did Svali have any proof for her claims? No. Nothing.

The planned date for Illuminati complete control of the world? Svali’s Final Revealing? 2050. (watch this space)

Sources and further information:

Suite 101 Articles by Svali

Greg Szymanski interview with Svali, 2006 (1 hour 21 min)



Alleged Rothschild bastard child raised by a foster Illuminati family, Over the course of 20 years, Marquis rose through the ranks of witchcraft and the Illuminati and was being groomed for a seat on the illustrious Council of 13 before finding Jesus and escaping.


Associated Acts: The Prophecy Club, Ted Gunderson

Joseph “Doc” Marquis was born in London in 1956 and then secretly taken to the United States by his prostitute mother so that he could be used to blackmail his father, none other than Philippe de Rothschild, powerful banker, and the ultimate boogeyman in John Todd’s Illuminati spiel. (In many ways, the Doc is John Todd v2.0) The Doc was one of many de Rothschild bastard children.

Rothschild agents quickly discovered his mother, and the young Joseph was placed in a foster home. His foster parents were from a 6th generation Illuminati family and his foster aunt, dedicated him to Lucifer when he was three year old. His aunt, apparently unaware on how bloodlines actually work, chose him as to carry on the family’s bloodline as the family’s 7th generation representative. His foster mother was somewhat aware of these events, but he managed to keep his foster father completely in the dark.

When he was 5, someone (he later hints at Rothschild) send a demon to possess him which sent him down a dark path.

He was soon sent to the Outer Court (same one mentioned by Todd) for witchcraft training; learning incantations, spells, rituals, human sacrifice, and the 200 plus years history of his own family. Human sacrifice comes up a lot in Marquis’ version.

At the age of 13, he was initiated into the Illuminati. During his initiation ceremony, a witch took a ceremonial knife (an Athame) to slice his arm wide open. He then used a quill to sign his name using his own blood in the Book of the Dead made of sheepskin. He was initiated as a third degree witch, becoming a first level Illuminist, aka Druid Priest. Essentially, he had sold his soul to the devil.

At 17, he reached the 3rd Illuminati level and became a Master Witch aka Druid High Priest. He was being groomed for a seat within the Council of 13, the highest level immediately below the Rothschild family. The Rothschilds are considered gods on Earth by the Illuminati and are known as the Holy Tribunal or Holy Family. He was given authority over an entire region and had over 1000 Illuminists serving under him. Teenagers governing entire regions are not so uncommon he says, as many Witch Queens are often given leadership positions at the age of 13. A Witch Queen’s word is always law.

Witches are in constant communications with demons and have to participate in at least 8 human sacrifice ceremonies a year. The Vatican obelisk is a gigantic sundial, indicating the time for these rituals. Considering the numbers he is throwing out, 3 million witches in New England alone, and covens supposedly as large as 65,000 members. The amount of bodies would be staggering, with ritual homicide being one of the nation’s top causes of death…

The victims were “wandering teenagers looking for a good time, runaways, skid row bums, paper boys, paper girls.” The Witches would slit their victims’ throats and drink the blood with a chalice. They believe that the victim’s lifeforce would be added to theirs. As he told Oprah in a 1987 interview, they would dispose of the bodies by leaving them “in the woods, the side of the road on a highway. “

Under orders, he joined the army in order to infiltrate its leadership and key posts.

While being stationed in Germany, his convent met in order to summon a few demons and rid themselves of a pesky Army captain who had been making trouble for the group. The demon set off on its mission and returned moments later, obviously frustrated. The demon embarrassingly admitted that he had no power over the enemy. (hint: a believing Christian) Terrified, one of the witches stepped out of the magic hexagram and was instantly pounced on by the enraged demon and completely dismembered.

During his time with the Illuminati, he was taken on a tour of Death Camps being built in the Mojave desert to exterminate Christians. He was gleeful of the idea of Christian dying by the thousands. He predicts a near-future where anyone caught with a Bible will be shot on sight.

Marquis has seen fallen angel and describe them as available in a variety of colors with either horns or wings accoutrements.

Marquis is saved!

In 1976, one of the Doc’s fellow witch asked him if he wanted to attend church the coming Sunday. Not amused, Doc told off the witch.

But, it wasn’t going to be so easy.

For the next 3 years the Doc was tormented. He was constantly bombarded by Born Again Christians jumping out from behind fences and giving them testimony.

He read the Bible and realized that the plans for a New World Order prepared by the Illuminati and written in 1773 by Adam Weishaupt, were already exposed in the Book of Revelation! He came to the conclusion that God was so great that “the Holy Spirit forced Satan to write his Plan so that it was a mirror image of Revelation.” But why did Weishaupt rewrite the plan if it was already in the world’s most popular book? 😕

Weishaupt’s 7 part plan include the abolishment of (1) governments, (2), private property, (3) inheritance, (4) patriotism, (5) religion, (6) family, and (7) the creation of a New world Order. (typical Illuminati legend) The Protocols of Zion are a coded exposure of the plans of the Illuminati with the Jews set up as fall guys. Strangely, he believes to have the only original first edition of the Protocols in existence. (without even looking this up, I’ll just call bs.)

According to the Doc, Weishaupt was paid by Mayer Rothschild and 12 other prominent bankers, a financial coven, to organize the Illuminati in order to develop the plan for instituting the New World Order. Weishaupt recruited 2000 of the most powerful, influential, and wealthy, men of Europe. (they weren’t) They infiltrated every Masonic Lodge in Europe. He adds that their efforts were successful with modern Freemasons being “dedicated Satanists working to achieve the New World Order of Antichrist.”

However, Satan’s plan for a New World Order goes a lot further than Weishaupt’s. The Doc repeats common Illuminati legend that its plan originated at the building of the Tower of Babel where God famously made his opinion on the NWO clear. Displeased, Nimrod and his mother Semiramis began plotting with Lucifer against God.

The Doc claims the Washington Monument is 555 feet. tall, but also has a 111 feet deep foundation, making its total length 666 feet. This implausible tale would make the monument a contender for the world’s deepest unnecessary foundation.
The Doc claims the Washington Monument is 555 feet. tall, but also has a 111 feet deep foundation (it doesn’t), making its total length 666 feet. This implausible tale would make the monument a contender for the world’s deepest unnecessary foundation.

Like Todd, he claims that Rock music and Dungeon and Dragon are central to the plan. Marquis still hasn’t bothered to update Rock to hip Hop and D&D to Role-playing video games.

In April of 1979, he gave in. He walked into a church, and was instantly saved by Jesus Christ. (The statement always gets applauses in the Doc’s circles.)

The Illuminati immediately put a $10,000 bounty on any Illuminati defector. (He later changes this figure to $25,000) He’s been shot at, poisoned, ran over, and presently has a bounty of half a million dollar on his head! However, God personally protect him.

He’s lost count on how many attempts there were made on his life after the 25th. Once more, the all-powerful Illuminati is unable to know off this guy who routinely makes scheduled public appearances. You suck Illuminati.

His supporters (or sockpuppet) agree:
“The reason they haven’t been able to kill Doc is cause he’s cover by the blood of the lamb! :)”

Doc has no social responsibility whosoever and does not appear to feel any obligations towards his fellow human beings. He refuses to give any details on former members, the police who protect them, or even the identity of victims, in order, he says, to prevent a Christian witch hunt. 🙈 🙉 🙊

In a best case scenario, the Doc is lying.

In a worst case scenario, he is telling the truth and has abducted, ritually murdered, and disposed of hundreds of men, women, and children but believes that he does not have to face justice for his crimes. He openly admits to having participated in hundreds of human sacrifices.

Should all self-admitted rapists and murderers avoid prison after claiming a belief in Jesus Christ, or just the Doc? In my opinion, he is one of the most unlikable individual on this list.

Additionally, the Doc claims to have been privy to details of the Illuminati plans for the future, but hasn’t revealed any of them until after the fact. (e.g. 9/11) For someone who supposedly had access to confidential Illuminati information, the Doc has very little to offer in terms of inside information. Everything he says can be found online and in popular conspiracy literature.

The very little predictions he does offer based on his inside knowledge are not great. For example, his 2011 prediction that Obama (a secret Muslim, he says) would be assassinated by a Jew which would trigger a war in the middle-east and instigate World War 3. On the plus side, he dismissed world ending scenarios such as Planet Nibiru (yea!), and the Aztec Calendar. (yea!)

Doc reached the height of his fame when he appeared on Oprah in June of 1987. (full transcript here) But even Oprah, promoter of all things iffy (like this dickwad, or this idiocy), was not entirely convinced by Marquis’ story. She was especially credulous of the Doc’s claims regarding the Sharon Tate murder.

The Doc confidently declared that Sharon Tate was about to leave the Illuminati and that Charles Manson had been ordered to kill her. He adds that Sharon Tate’s body was left in an occult position depicted on the Hanged Man Tarot card. You can see for yourself in these murder scene photographs, especially this one that this isn’t the case. ⛔ WARNING: GRAPHIC

He also claimed that Manson voluntary went to prison, but Oprah doesn’t give him time to get into it. (I’m guessing he was going to repeat John Todd’s Helter Skelter theory.) The Doc did not get along well with other guests on the show. Wiccan Laurie Cabot and author Whitley Strieber were especially antagonistic towards the Doc’s outlandish claims regarding Wiccan practices. (e.g. All Wiccans have to participate in at least 4, if not 8 human sacrifice rituals a year.)

Following his appearance on the show, the Doc added both Cabot and Strieber, to his list of high level Illuminati members. Strange, since he no longer had access to Illuminati sources that could confirm this. The timing is also highly suspicious, considering their recent encounter on Oprah.

As most Illuminati whistleblowers, his claims became increasingly unbelievable. By the time of his 1997 Prophecy Club lectures, he was saying just about anything…

The Doc’s quest against Holidays

There is no doubt that most holidays have pagan origin with have been merged with Christian celebrations in order to make the religion more appealing. However, the Doc takes is much further and accuses any Christians of participating in these holidays of being hypocrites. He attacks every holiday, including Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, and Easter. I will look at Christmas and Halloween here.


It is commonly known that the Yule Log traditions origin in German paganism holiday of Yule Tide and that gift-giving, banquets, and drinking is associated with the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. But for the Doc, it’s much more than that… He declares Good old Saint Nick a mockery of God!

Like God, Santa is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. Santa Claus is everywhere and can see everything.

He sees you when you’re sleeping
He knows when you’re awake.
He knows if you’ve been bad or good

He adds that the Christmas wreath represent vaginas, while Christmas candles are penises; both remnants of ancient fertility rites.


Obviously, Halloween also has occult origins. In the Doc’s view, it’s the worship of the Lord of the Dead, Nimrod. He claims that the custom of trick or treating originated with the Celtic Druids. Marquis version of trick or treating is probably the scariest you’ve ever read.

The Druid Priests would go around the towns and villages knocking on doors. When the master of the house answered, the druids would say “trick or treat”. But, this wasn’t the innocent trick or treating of that we are familiar with today…

Jack Chick's Spellbound?
Jack Chick’s Spellbound?

The villagers, familiar with the druids’ fierce reputation knew what it meant… They had to offer one of the house’s resident as human sacrifice to the druids in order to receive a “treat”, a jack-o’-lantern. The original jack-o’-lanterns were human fat-filled pumpkins left burning on doorsteps to alert demons that a household had paid tribute.

If the master had the unfortunate idea of choosing the ‘trick’ option, refusing tribute, the Druids would paint a hexagram in human blood on the front door. The demons would come in that night and murder an occupant of the house.

The human sacrifices were taking to a stone circle such as Stonehenge and caged inside a huge 30-feet wickerman. The druids then asked for 12 volunteers who would get the chance to go free. And here, the Doc gives us the occult origins of bobbing for apples.

The 12 would be asked to stand around a huge cauldron filled with a boiling liquid. The druids would then throw an apple in the cauldron and give the victims a chance, one single chance, to grab the apple with their teeth. Those who failed were beheaded on the spot, while those who succeeded were set free but left badly burned for the rest of their lives.

These areas, around Stonehenge, are soaked in human blood and his a primary area of demon activity on the planet. Crop circles are physical manifestations of spiritual wars being fought on these grounds.

Nazi UFO and the Great Rapture Cover-Up

During World War 2, psychic mediums from the Thule and Vril secret societies made contact with a race of aliens who telepathically gave them instructions and schematics necessary to built flying saucers. In reality, the aliens were earth-based demons who required the saucers for their plans of a fake alien invasion in order to cover-up the coming Rapture. They would falsely claim to those left behind that the Raptured were in reality abducted by UFOs. The Nazis scientists involved in UFO research were eventually transferred to America following the end of World War 2 via Operation Paperclip. However, the still had a major impediment; they didn’t have anyone who could pilot the crafts.

In 1976, Doc Marquis was giving a tour of a secret and where they did “secret things”. He witnessed German scientists surrounded by human tissue conducting experiments and developing their knowledge of genetics to develop pilots capable of flying the crafts. The scientist did “secret things” with MIAs and POWs. They were eventually able to manufacture the Grays, which have since become a staple of science fiction, and who were able to fly the spacecraft.

On the given day, the Grays would simultaneously land in public places and point to the Antichrist as the new leader of the planet in an attempt to deceive those left behind and establish a One World Government under the authority of the Antichrist. The Antichrist and his armies would then hunt the Saved. (weren’t they taken in the Rapture?). The Doc doesn’t mention Project BlueBeam by name.

How is all this kept secret? You open your mouth, you’re dead. The Doc, yet again, is a visible and outspoken exceptions.

Despite describing himself as being “very good at quantum mechanics and quantum physics”, the humble Doc obviously has a very poor grasp on science. He appears to get his information mainly from science fiction. His long and tedious explanation of folding space comes straight out of Hollywood movies. His decidedly funky explanation of E-mc2, and how it proves the existence of God, was not very convincing, even to the interviewing host.

Some critics of Doc have erroneously stated that his work is anti-Semitic. After listening to many hours of Marquis interviews and reading many of his articles, I cannot confirm that this is the case. (Although, I totally understand why a Wiccan, would dislike Marquis considering what he says about the group) If any reader knows otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will make appropriate changes.

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I imagine that Steve Jackson is ROTFL over that one.

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Born into an Illuminati family traditionally trained by Jesuits in the mystery schools located in the Himalayas who gave up his superpowers and lavish lifestyle to become a Seventh Day Adventist evangelist and expose the Illuminati.


Associated Acts: God (unconfirmed)

Mark Cleminson is one of the newest whistleblower on this list. Information on him is still sparse, and he doesn’t seem to be doing much interviewing regarding his Illuminati past.

Cleminson was born in an Illuminati family. His father and grandfather were both Illuminated by Jesuits in the Mystery Schools located in the Himalayas where monks levitated 100s of feet in the air. His grandfather headed a “White Lodge”, which Cleminson claims is different than the typical Masonic Blue Lodges (first 3 degree of Masonry) in that Blue Lodge Mason only receive some of the knowledge while White Lodge initiates received the full spectrum of “pure” knowledge.

His family pretended to be practicing Roman Catholics as cover for their Illuminist activities. He claims to be a direct descendant of Pope Clement, forgetting that there were no less than 14 Pope Clements, and that Clement were not actually their family names.

By the age of 12 he had gained superpowers and was able to tell the future, move objects with his mind, travel outside his own body, and levitate. Later in high school, his drug use allowed him to communicate with fallen angels which he believed to be his ancestors.

He confirms Doc Marquis’ claims that the Illuminati practices Druid Witchcraft and that human sacrifices are offered to Lucifer for high-level initiates signing their names in the Book of the Dead. However, Cleminson has never sworn any oath to Lucifer, nor participated in human sacrifices during his time in the Illuminati.

After college, he joined IBM. The company put him in a special 13-member think tank tasked with bringing the company into the new millennium. He felt under-qualified to join the think tank, but was assured that his astrological sign, Aquarius, made him desirable to the group.

Demonic inner voices helped him close sales and constantly surpassed his quota, giving him a comfortable 6-figure income. However, his life began to change after a Baptist colleague told him that he should read the Bible and look into the Illuminati.

Cleminson dutifully looked up Illuminati material on Amazon and what he found put him in an emotional tailspin. (Okay, he’s Illuminati, but buys books on Amazon to find out who they are? Where does his supposedly inside information come from?)

He quit his job and took off to his isolated cabin he had recently purchased form a family friend to think. His cabin was near a State Police and Forest Ranger intelligence center. (Do rangers have such centers???) One evening, he happened to be looking through binoculars and noticed a large group of men dressed in full Ku Klux Klan regalia and wearing Masonic aprons. He then noticed that he was looking straight down a sniper’s scope which was itself aiming at his head.

He waved. The sniper waved back.

fearsome 20-foot figure of Anubis, Lord of the Dead (not to scale)
20-feet fearsome figure of Anubis, Lord of the Dead
(not to scale)

Knowing that they were coming for him, he dropped to his knees and prayed to God for guidance on what he should do. God told him to take off his shoes and his socks. 😕 (see Exodus 3:5 – aka the famous Burning Bush scene)

He then went for a walk in a nearby forest and ran into the God of the Dead, Anubis, which stood 20-foot tall, stacking up souls into gunny sacks. Anubis told him that he already had his soul, to which Cleminson courageously replied. “You can have my body, but you can’t have my soul. I gave it to the Lord.”

Anubis instantly disappeared. (if he had been at the Prophecy Club, this would’ve gave been greeted with a standing ovation)

Later, his own father attempted to give him his Masonic apron, but Mark told him to burn it! His father warned him not to come out of God’s shadow, or he would receive a bullet to the head.

He looked at Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, and reviewed Roman Catholic doctrines, but found that Seventh Day Adventist, which he claims the Illuminati especially hated, to be what he was looking for. He really dug the Saturday worship thing.

In January 2002, he was baptized as a Seventh Day Adventist. Like other on this list, the all-powerful Illuminati have been unable to eliminate him.

He doesn’t give much insider information other than the Rothschilds supposedly own 51% of the US Federal Reserve, and that the red shield on the Salvation Army logo, is a tribute to the Rothschilds. (German: Red Shield) He also says that Washington DC, the Vatican, and the City of London, are the only city-states in the world. (There are quite a few others, including Singapore and Monaco)

He claims that the House of the Temple in Washington is the headquarters for the Illuminati and that all 33° Scottish Rite Masons have to swear an oath to Lucifer. Freemasonry is controlled by a Luciferian circle that believes in Lucifer, but not in Satan.

Being an Adventist greatly limits the amount of exposure that Cleminson gets on Christian fundamentalist lecture tours. To his credit, his testimonies are consistent with each other, but despite his claims of meeting a gigantic Egyptian god of the death, are relatively vanilla in comparison with other whistleblowers on this page.

I doubt that we will hear much more from Mr. Cleminson in the future.

Sources and further information:

Mark Cleminson – Testimony of a former Illuminati member – (1 hour 25 minutes)

Mark Cleminson ex/former Illuminati family member defector /freemasonry secret societies (45 minutes)



Born in the multigenerational Merovingian bloodline with superpowers allowing her to see into the future and summoning beings from other dimensions before recovering her memories, being saved by Jesus, and exposing the Illuminati’s for the coming of the Antichrist.


Associated Acts: Henry Makow

Carolyn is the newest defector on this list. Although she left the Illuminati in 1985, her story was not publicly known until sometime after 2010.

Hamlett was born In 1953 into a multigenerational Illuminati family dedicated to the service of Lucifer. Her bloodline, probably Merovingian, was especially desirable to the Illuminati because members were usually highly clairvoyant and easily able to communicate with the spiritual world. The Merovingian bloodline is described by Fritz Springmeier in 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati as being “infused with Satan’s own seed.” It’s also identified as the bloodline of Jesus in The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.

Her family held an important position within the Satanic Hierarchy and ruled over all cults, Satan worship, and the White Lodge. Her mother received instructions on how to raise young Carolyn from the Ascended Masters, demons worshiped by the Illuminati.

As a baby, Carolyn was able to see into the future and was able to see both the spiritual and the physical world. She was always able to see both worlds simultaneously and was surprised that normal people could not. She would later get “demon-enhanced clairvoyance”, which is, like, real powerful foretelling Kong Fu.

At 4 years old, she was told about The Plan. The Illuminati work in the spiritual and in the physical realms to bring a New World Order and installing the Antichrist to power. All militaries on earth are controlled by The Family to help bring the Antichrist. Predictively, The Plan also calls for the liquidation of fundamentalist Christians who didn’t accept the Antichrist.

One night, she was drugged and taken by two men and brought to an underground facility underneath MacDill Air Force Base. She saw a lot of children with blue eyes and blonde hair kept in cages. They were sexually abused and used in as specimens in scientific experiments. She recovered these memories in her dreams, but she knows they are real because the “children in the cages were always the same.” 😕 (apparently unaware that recurring dreams are a thing.)

She was taken to a room by a female instructor. A man entered the room and sat in a chair. After repeatedly refusing his sexual advances, a blonde girl her own age (3 or 4) entered in the room and sexually aggressed the man. Her instructor told her that this was normal and how little girls were supposed to behave. A young boy then came in and did the same. Her instructor repeated the acts using dolls.

Schools, hospitals, and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus were also used as programming sites.

Towards a New World Order
Towards a New World Order

The launch of Sputnik in 1957 became an important Luciferian event surpassed only by the coming of the Antichrist. With satellite technology, the Illuminati would be able to control the masses. The 3rd most important event to Illuminated Ones was the Sept 11, 1990 New World Order Speech by George Bush (full speech here) which heralded a New World Order and the coming of the Antichrist.

She remembered that The Plan described the arrival of a man who would signal the coming of a New World Order. Keywords such as “new world order”, “implement”, and “thousand points of light” used by Bush allowed Hamlett to identify him as the man she had learned about. (She doesn’t say how she knows that the speech is the 3rd most important Luciferian holiday despite having left the Illuminati five years earlier)

Rituals were mostly held in the supernatural world and other realms (e.g. inside her head), but sometimes held physically in cathedrals or ruins of ancient temples. Carolyn attended many rituals and ceremonies in the physical world, but most were held in the spiritual realm. Victims are raped on a spiritual plane in “dimensional prostitution temples” so that entities can come through. 😯

She once met Pope John Paul 2 at an open meeting called by the Ascended Masters for whoever was able to vibrate on their dimensions. The Masters were amused by the pope’s presumptuous presence at the meeting.

She was really bright at school but always did badly on tests. Her mother explained that the Illuminati changed her grade so that she would not stand out and fit better with everyone else for her future role in The Plan. At the age of 17, she was followed by the FBI for months because they were trying to recruit her.

Grays routinely abducted her and she still has bruises on her body. She remembers taking an implant out from her foot and watching the wound rapidly close itself and heal instantly. Grays share knowledge with the US government, but she warns that they cannot be trusted. The Grays are demonic beings, but they aren’t demons. They either come from far away or live in the inner earth. They are superior to humans in every way but are not able to take over the planet because…

love. 🙄

They are supposedly unable to love, nor understand it. They dare not attempt to take over of the planet because they are unable to predict how we would react. She warns that all aliens, no matter where they are from, are in service to Lucifer.

She wasn’t really into Satanism and the dark arts and the Illuminati considered her too kind to involve her in that part of the Illuminati. (but watching 4-year-olds have sex was a-okay) However, she had a few (unnamed) friends who were Satanists and did human sacrifices. However, they had to stop the second time because they were caught and arrested. A lot of her anecdotes have anticlimactic endings…

Case in point, A Komodo Dragon-type creature once came to the family home and guarded their doorstep from dusk until dawn for about a week, but then left… 🙁

In addition to communicating with Ascended Masters, and Scooby Dooish spy missions for the Illuminati (see below), her role in the Illuminati was similar to Arizona Wilder’s duty of summoning the Old Ones. Hamlett’s superpowers obtained through her bloodline, allowed her to summon light beings (Arcturians) from other dimensions who would then be given physical bodies so that they can walk around in our world. Impressive. :mrgreen:

Sensing that she was going to leave the order, the Ascended Masters took her to Atlantis and told her that it was their first attempt at a New World Order. They replayed its destruction for her and then told that it was destroyed by God in an effort to keep her on their side. I’m not sure how this was supposed to convince her (or anyone), to stay with the Illuminati, but hey… Atlantis!

Nevertheless, she left the Illuminati in 1985 but chose to remain silent about her experiences. After the events of September 11, 2001, she decided to come forward and tell her story to the world. She had known about 9/11 because of The Plan. Unfortunately, like other predictions on this page, she failed to make her prediction before the actual event.

Her first attempts to blow the whistle were foiled when 2 posts she made on conspiracy forums were taken down without an hour. When she called a radio show and mentioned her father, the line was suddenly cut off. (She attributes a lot of everyday coincidences to a conspiracy)

After her SUV slowly caught fire one time and giving her ample time to escape, a firefighter supposedly asked her if someone was trying to kill her. Again, the all-powerful Illuminati proved to be incredibly incompetent at ridding itself of gadflies. The unnamed firefighter took the threat so seriously that he apparently didn’t report it to anyone.

One of her instructors and Lucis Trust author, Master DK, routinely contacted her telepathically and at times threatened her and other times pleaded with her to come back to the Illuminati. However, they knew they had no choice. They were afraid of Jesus so they had to let her go.

She believes that God purposely placed her in an Illuminati bloodline so that she could go through what she had to go through and tell the world about The Plan. She believes that she is still alive because God personally protects her.

There is a remarkable escalation between her relatively vanilla early interviews and her later ones. She constantly ups the ante. She couldn’t recall any sexual abuse in an early interview, (she tells a silly story of embarrassing a local TV celebrity after he presumed that she was programmed for sex) but in later interview, she remembers witnessing 4-year olds having sex with a grown man. One of her alters, worked as an escort and prostitute by the name of Candy.

Candy, or Candice, was a “Marilyn Monroe model” trained in “sexual witchcraft” created when Hamlett was 19 and “on loan to the Mafia.” She was the ears and eyes, made people feel at ease, and had the special ability, again thanks to her powerful bloodline, to tell when someone was lying or telling the truth. She recovered her memories of Candy when she found a picture of herself on the web at an unfamiliar location and with people that she had never met. Candy and Carolyn’s personalities have since become integrated.

In that same early interview, she claimed to have never seen a Reptilian. In later interviews, she has an altar, Andrew, who speaks fluent Reptilian and handles all communication with Reptilians aliens. Reptilians are generally not nice and grow their own humans for consumption. They are useful as assassins because of their ability to become invisible.

Andrew was created around the same time as Candy and is charged with keeping her and Candy safe. He is also in charge of driving and piloting spacecrafts, which she says is confusing, because she never remembered how she travelled anywhere. Andrew is able to cause Hamlett’s body to shapeshift into a tall, well-built, Italian male. This shapeshifting ability is possible due to her special Illuminati bloodlines. She has yet to demonstrate her shapeshifting abilities.

A moon station made entirely out of cheese
A moon station made entirely out of cheese

Andrew “accompanied” her on one of her last mission to the moon. The meeting took place in a trapezoid-shaped building (Are you reading this Bill?) built by the Grays. On a tour of the facilities, a disgruntled Gray had told her about how they had build the moon station and felt hurt that the humans were taking credit for the accomplishment.

She sometimes felt residual effects after transferring from one personality to another. For example, she would often crave cigarettes on account of Andrew’s affection for cigars. But usually, they were completely different. One personality could have diabetes, while another had completely normal blood sugar levels. One person can have 1000s of personalities.

All her memories came to her via the aforementioned dreams, or through the help of Minister Daniel Duval who helped her “recover” hidden memories via Skype. (I’m not kidding)

Never mind that “recovered memories” is controversial amongst professionals, there is no telling how much danger amateurs like Duval deprogramming Hamlett on Skype, Fritz Springmeier deprogramming (and sleeping with) Cisco Wheeler (#3), and Mark Phillips deprogramming (and sleeping with) Cathy O’Brien, could inflict on people who were more likely than not, abused as children.

For example, Duval claims the existence of a secret space program is confirmed by 5 other former Illuminati members that he is also deprogramming at the same time as Hamlett. In reality, this does much more to prove the reality and dangers of implanted memories than for the existence of a secret space program.

In all her interviews, Hamlett always leaves the impression that there is more to come, that she will remember more. (and she does) Hamlett leaves a lot of seeds, or Easter eggs, that she can later use to support her increasingly flamboyant claims.

She salutes the trailblazing efforts made by, John Todd (#1), Svali (#7), and Lauren Stratford. The latter was an especially despicable creature. Not only did she claim to have been a baby breeder for a Satanic cult, she later changed her name to Laura Grabowski and pretended to be a Holocaust survivor. (even “remembering” another fake survivor)

The methods used by Hamlett’s Illuminati are roughly the same as the ones previously described by Cathy O’Brien and Cisco Wheeler as part of their experience with Project Monarch. She also uses the Mengele trope and claims he helped refine the mind control process in conjunction with the US government under the name Dr. Green. Unlike her predecessors, Hamlett gives remarkably little details on how she was traumatized to create separate identities. (I’m guessing further details coming very soon one she dreams up or recovers a few more scenarios.) However, she manages to top both O’Brien and Wheeler’s claims:

Not only is the Illuminati able to create separate identities using traumatic events, they are also able to create cloned or android bodies which these personalities can use. 😯

This of course, reaches a new level of batshitness.

She has a photographic memory of some recovered memories from her time as an Illuminated One, but she fails to demonstrate this skill.

She knows nothing of Project Bluebeam, an alleged government program to use holograms and man-built UFOs to fake an Alien invasion of planet earth. However, she claims to have seen all the technology necessary to execute such a plan in 1957, for use in the Plans’ “reappearance of the Christ”.

Hamlett herself, claims to have no knowledge of Project Monarch or Mk-Ultra, but has flashbacks of Project Artichoke, a closely associated black project. Interestingly, CIA director Helms was attempting to cover-up Artichoke when he ordered the destruction of all files related to Mk-Ultra. However, the project is well-known in conspiratorial circles and Ms. Hamlett fails to add anything to the existing body of knowledge on Artichoke.

I predict that Ms. Hamlett’s stories will become increasingly implausible and her recovered memories of trauma will become increasingly more terrifying if she keeps getting attention in articles such as this one. At the moment, there is still little or no critical information (RationalWIki, American Loon) on Hamlett and is still relatively unknown. Her interviewers all seem to take her word as gold.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
The Illuminati didn’t want her to participate on that show, so they conspired to cut off her Internet connection. (coincidence??? she writes…)

Revolutionary Radio with Daniel Duval – October 2014
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