Ten government conspiracies that were THEORIES that have now become conspiracy FACTS. Government lies and deception.

Operation Northwoods
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Paperclip
Project 112/SHAD
Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Operation Gladio
Gulf of Tonkin Incident

No.10 Operation Northwoods, 1962

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Operation Northwoods

US Joint Chiefs of Staff propose a series of false-flag operations to justify an invasion of Cuba.

In order to justify an attack on Cuba, the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed that the CIA conduct a series of terrorist acts with evidence deliberately left behind pointing to Cuba as the culprit. – A tactic known as a “false flag” operation.

False flags are acts of terror made up to look like another party is responsible. Famous false flag ops include the Nazis blaming the communists for the Reichstag fire and the botched Lavon Affair where Israeli agents attempted to frame Muslims for the bombings of US, British and Egyptian targets.

Northwoods included plans for the sinking of a US warship in Cuban territorial waters, organizing terrorist campaigns in Florida, violating US airspace with planes painted to appear Cuban, blowing up a US airliner drone and then holding mock funerals for mock victims. (a favorite of 9/11 Truthers)

Sources and further information:

Read Operation Northwoods here (www.gwu.edu) .pdf

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No.9 Operation MOCKINGBIRD, 1950s –1970s

The CIA established media outlets throughout the world and infiltrated major US media organizations.

The CIA set up newspapers, magazines, newswire services and published thousands of books worldwide.

CIA-funded Animal Farm animated film (1954)
CIA-funded Animal Farm animated film (1954)

Mockingbird recruits over 400 journalists from news organizations including ABC, CBS, NBC, Reuters, Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, Time and Life Magazines.

In addition to the obvious benefits of containing information, spreading propaganda and disinformation, the op financed the production of films including the animated version of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The CIA used its media assets for intelligence gathering, as go-betweens with foreign agents, and for journalistic cover.

“The CIA currently maintains a network of several hundred foreign individuals around the world who provide intelligence for the CIA and at times attempt to influence opinion through the use of covert propaganda. These individuals provide the CIA with direct access to a large number of newspapers and periodicals, scores of press services and news agencies, radio and television stations, commercial book publishers, and other foreign media outlets.”

CIA Director George Bush constantly blocked Church Committee member William Bader from obtaining necessary information on Operation Mockingbird or any of the CIA’s ties to US domestic media organization. The Church Committee eventually published a whitewashed version of Mockingbird.

No.8 Operation PAPERCLIP, 1945 – 62

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Operation PAPERCLIP

American intelligence cleaned up the identities of Nazis to make them eligible for government recruitment.

After President Truman specifically forbade the recruitment of Nazis, the OSS (the CIA’s precursor) acting under orders from the Joint Chiefs, secretly ‘deNazifies’ ineligible recruits, wiping their records of any connections to the Nazis.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff were in a hurry to snap up Nazi rocket engineers, nuclear physicists, chemists, and death-camp researchers before the scientists and their research fell into Soviet or British hands.

US intelligence and the Catholic Church created a series of Nazi “Ratlines” allowing war criminals such as Klaus Barbie (the Butcher of Lyon) to escape to South America. ODESSA, the most well known ratline, allowed hundreds of war criminals to escape prosecution for war crimes.

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No.7 Project SHAD 1962-1973

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Project SHAD

Department of Defense tested biological and chemical weapons on unsuspecting military personnel.

Project Shipboard Hazard and Defense (SHAD) was part of the United State Department of Defense (DoD) Project 112. The DoD began testing the effects of chemical agents (nerve gas) and biological agents (Anthrax) on uninformed soldiers posted on US warships and at the Desert Test Center in Utah.

Approximately 6000 members of the US military were subjected to the experiments, most as part of Project SHAD. Out of the 134 planed tests, only 46 were completed.

After 6 years of research into the project, investigative journalist Eric Longabardi produced a CBS Evening News series that revealed the existence of the secret experiments sparking Congressional hearings.

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No.6 Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 1932 – 1972

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Public Health officials studied the progression of NOT treating syphilis on 399 uninformed American citizens.

US Public Health Service conducted experiments on 399 poor African-Americans to study the effects of untreated syphilis. Patients thought they were receiving free treatment from a caring government for what doctors called ‘bad blood’.

Whistleblower Peter Buxton
Whistleblower Peter Buxton

Doctors refused to use penicillin on any of the patients despite its proven effectiveness in treating syphilis. Victims also included the patients’ wives and their children born with inborn syphilis.

In 1972, whistleblower Peter Buxton leaked the story to the Washington Star leading to Congressional hearings that ordered the immediate termination of the study. President Clinton apologized to the victims and their families in 1997.

Sources and further information:

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No.5 Operation Gladio,1940s-1990s

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Operation Gladio

Following WW2, CIA, Nazis and other allied spooks terrorized Europe in an ‘anything goes’ war against communists.

NATO cooperated with the CIA, MI6 and other European intelligence agencies to set up a network of paramilitary groups throughout Europe to stop the growth of Communism in Western Europe.

Ex-Nazis (Gehlen Org) and other fascists made up the mass of agents, including infamous banker Licio Gelli of the P2 Masonic Lodge.

The “stay-behinds” fomented domestic terrorism and soon began terror campaigns on their own such as bombings, assassinations and false flag operations. Under various covers, Gladio set up shop in Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, France, Finland and Spain.

In 1990, Italian President Giulio Andreotti confirmed to the world the existence of Gladio leading to a series of similar declarations throughout Europe.

Sources and further information:

Gladio 3-part BBC Timewatch series
Part 1 – The Ringmasters (47 min)

Part 2 – The Puppeteers

Part 3 – The Footsoldiers

No.4 COINTELPRO, 1956-1971

Top 10 Government Conspiracies COINTELPRO

The FBI violated the Constitution by wiretapping, spying on, framing, harassing and even assassinating US citizens.

The FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program began harassing and intimidating constitutionally protected individuals, groups and political organizations within the United States. J Edgar Hoover ordered agents to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” the groups and their leaders. Targets included black civil rights movements (Black Panthers), socialist workers movements, US Communist Party, Puerto Rican movements and the ‘New Left”. Civil rights leader Martin Luther King, author Ernest Hemingway and physicist Albert Einstein were also on the agency’s radar.

The FBI was especially successful in infiltrating white supremacist groups. Fifteen percent of all Klansmen became FBI informants, including the Imperial Wizard himself, Bill Wilkinson. Informants enticed, planned and even participated in Klan operations including the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing and the murder of civil right activist Viola Liuzzo.

No.3 Iran-Contra Affair, 1985-87

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Iran-Contra Affair

US government traded arms for cash and hostages then used the proceeds to finance an illegal war in Nicaragua.

Senior government officials of the Reagan White House defied a US trade and arms embargo by selling weapons to Iran with Israel acting as the middleman. In return, the US gained the release of American hostages and tons of cash. The same cadre of government officials then used the money to finance secret wars in South America in defiance of the Boland Amendment.

In Nicaragua, operation ‘The Enterprise’ armed and trained a group of rebels – the Contras – in order to overthrow the democratically elected Sandinista government. In 1986, the Nicaraguan military shot down a cargo plane carrying weapons for the Contras, revealing the CIA’s role.

The usual paper shredding quickly ensued with National Security Council member and point man for both operations, Oliver North, leading the charge.

In 1984, Nicaragua successfully sued the US in the International Court. The US used its veto power to block any enforcement of the court’s decision.

No.2 MKULTRA – 1953-64

Top 10 Government Conspiracies MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control

CIA used LSD and other drugs in mind control experiments on unsuspecting human guinea pigs.

At the behest of director Allen Dulles, the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence began covertly testing biological and chemical drugs on unsuspecting citizens and staff members.

MKULTRA secretly received a whopping 6% of the CIA’s entire budget! Utilizing research obtained from Nazi death camp scientists, the CIA eventually used LSD and a plethora of other drugs in an effort to discover the perfect truth serum, induce amnesia and develop other ‘brainwashing’ experiments.

In 1973, CIA director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of all related files. Fortunately, 20,000 documents stored in an unusual location escaped the shredders, allowing the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission to reveal the existence of the project to the world.

Sources and further information:

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Codename Antichoke Frank Olson story on Youtube (running time 53:46)

MKULTRA: CIA Mind Control

No.1 Gulf of Tonkin Incident – 1964

Top 10 Government Conspiracies Gulf of Tonkin

The President lies to the American public and Congress in order to escalate the war in Vietnam.

Gulf of Tonkin (Click to view on Google Map)
Gulf of Tonkin
(Click to view on Google Map)

On August 2, 1964, a US destroyer follows the Vietnamese coastline on a secret surveillance mission to identify North Vietnamese coastal radar transmitters. Three Vietcong torpedo boats spot the destroyer leading to an exchange of fire.

On August 4th an American destroyer, an aircraft carrier and four aircrafts return to the area and engage non-existent Vietnamese targets.

In his speech to the American people, “unknowingly” acting on distorted NSA information, President Johnson declared that North Vietnam attacked US vessels on the “high seas”- a blatant lie. Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution escalating the war in Vietnam.

Johnson later admitted, “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.”

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Second attack didn’t happen” McNamara

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