MKULTRA a cryptonym for a series of mind control experiments conducted by the CIA.
The Agency and the Army Chemical Corps experimented with an array of hallucinogenics and other drugs on uninformed Americans and Canadians in an effort to discover the ideal truth serum, modify behaviors, and manipulate memories.

Following the end of American involvement in the Korean War in the early 50s, CIA officials had become intrigued by rumors of Soviet and Chinese advancement in “brainwashing”* methods. This prompt CIA Director Allen Dulles to instigate the CIA’s mind control research programs.

The CIA’s mind control programs grew out of Operation Paperclip, a US intelligence program to protect Nazi war criminals in return for aiding the United States against the Communists. The Navy began Project CHATTER in 1947 with the objective of testing various drugs to aid in interrogations while the CIA began Project BLUEBIRD in 1950 with similar goals.

Project BLUEBIRD was renamed Project ARTICHOKE the following year and continued research into behavior modification and mind control.

Dr. Ewen Cameron

Dr. Ewen Cameron

A 1952 CIA memo asked “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature?” The following year Dulles appointed Dr. Sidney Gottlieb to head up the CIA’s new Project MK-ULTRA.

Operation MKULTRA consisted of around 150 subprojects each experimenting with different methods to achieve the Agency’s goals. Subproject 119 sought to control a subject’s mind remotely; Subproject 136 explored Extrasensory Perception (ESP) and Subproject 128 involved experiments with hypnosis.

The CIA used a variety of fronts to forge partnerships with al least 80 institutions, including prestigious universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. At its height, MKULTRA ate up 6% of the CIA’s budget.

MKULTRA included experiments with a variety of drugs such as heroin, marijuana, morphine, MDA, MDMA, mescaline, magic mushrooms, sodium pentothal and alcohol. It also used electroshocks, hypnosis, sleep deprivation and other forms of torture… ANYTHING to achieve its goals.

The CIA soon heard of a discovery by Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann at Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland. They had determined that Hofmann’s lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) might just be the elusive drug the Agency had been looking for. The CIA panicked after hearing that Sandoz was in the process of synthesizing millions of LSD doses for market. They feared that the Soviets might gain possession of the drug. The CIA was determined to buy the entire lot. Unfortunately, the CIA agent providing the information was unfamiliar with the metric system and mistaken milligrams for kilograms, a difference between 100 million doses, and 100.

In early 1953, pro tennis player, Harold Blauer checked into the New York Psychiatric Institute seeking treatment for depression following a divorce. Blauer was unaware that the institute had a secret agreement with the Army Chemical Corps allowing them to do test on patients as part of their mind control experiments. Blauer was giver a heavy dose of a mescaline derivative (MDA), killing him, leading to a subsequent 22-year cover-up. A US Judge finally awarded $700k to Blauer’s estate in 1987.

Later that year, Frank Olson, a chemists for the Army Chemical Corps, plunged to his death from a 13th story window of his hotel. He had unknowingly been slipped LSD by his CIA supervisor and had grown depressed. The family also eventually received an out-of-court settlement of $750k in 1975, as well as an apology from President Ford and CIA Director William Colby. However, after having the body exhumed for reburial, a second autopsy revealed that Olson had been murdered.

Olson’s role in ARTICHOKE had made him privy to state secrets revealed in the course of interrogations, including the alleged use of biochemical weapons (Anthrax) by the US in the Korean War. Despite the now increasingly suspicious circumstances surrounding Olson’s death, the family was unable to file suit due to their previous settlement with Ford.

Dr. Gottlieb appoints George White of the Narcotics Bureau to head up Operation Midnight Climax. CIA safe houses are repurposed as brothels in San Francisco and New York where agents begin observing the effect of various drugs on unsuspecting patrons through a one-way mirror. These observations help develop sexual blackmail and surveillance techniques that are soon used in CIA field operations

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb

In Canada, psychiatrist Ewen Cameron at McGill’s Allan Memorial Institute receives funding from a CIA front, the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology, to pursue his research into “depatterning”. Cameron “treatment” involved” electroshocks and drug-induced comas (of up to 3 months) that he hoped would allow him to erase memories, reprogram human brains and cure schizophrenia. His treatments soon became part of the KUBARK torture manuel.

The CIA financed university research programs and as a result made drugs, especially LSD, widely available throughout the United States. Researchers and professors such as Harvard psychology professor Timothy Leary soon started experimenting with the drugs themselves giving rise to the counterculture.

John Lennon said “We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD, by the way.” and felt that the Man’s plan had backfired” “They brought out LSD to control people, and what they did was give us freedom.”

On the heels of Watergate in 1973, CIA director Richard Helm gave the order to destroy all documents relating to MKULTRA.

Rumors of MKULTRA experiments on human reached the public and published in the New York times. The President formed the Rockefeller Commission while Congress appointed the Church Committee. Fearful of what such investigations into the CIA’s illegal activities might uncover, the CIA’s General Counsel Lawrence Houston travelled to the Washington to brief Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, then part of the Ford administration, on Operation Dormouse.

Operation Dormouse, as Houston explained, was the Agency’s plan to give the investigators and the media a tasty morsel to chew on in the form of MKULTRA in order to keep revelations of Project ARTICHOKE from reaching the light of day, which in Houston’s opinion, would undo the Central Intelligence Agency.

They agreed to throw Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and others to the wolves as well as to reveal ties to Harvard and other prestigious universities and hospitals. This would insure that the universities and the media themselves would act as gatekeepers and justify the CIA excesses and experiments on US citizens.

The plan worked.

The Pandora’s box that was ARTICHOKE remained closed.

Even to this day, the media and academia portray ARTICHOKE as having been absolved into MKULTRA despite continuing for at least 17 years following the creation of MKULTRA. The death was of Frank Olson is always mentioned in connection to MKULTRA despite him being a chemists for the Army Chemical Corps and actually attending a ARTICHOKE meeting when he was dosed

To this day, the CIA and other intelligence agencies continue to experiment with drugs and methods that will give them an edge in interrogations.


Researchers into MKULTRA and other government mind control programs are bound to run into claims of “Monarch” mind control programming.

There is no evidence of Monarch other than questionable claims obtained through “deprogramming”.

If Nazis or US intelligence had been able to create perfectly docile, completely unaware, all-obeying, all-forgetting, self-destructing mind-controlled slaves/assassins in the 1940s, there is little benefit in having gone through the BLUEBIRD/ ARTICHOKE/ MKULTRA/ MKSEARCH/ ETC charade.

However, the claims of Illuminati blood sacrifice and alien reptilians by Arizona Wilder and Cathy O’Brien might be so outrageously unbelievable by design. In 1995, Valerie Wolf, Chris deNicola, and Claudia Mullen testified for the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (?) that satanic ritual abuse (SRA) was most likely used as a cover for experiments as part of the CIA’s MkUltra program.

*The term brainwashing had been coined by anti-Communist journalist Edward Hunter in his book Brainwashing in Red China: the calculated destruction of men’s minds. Hunter had been a propagandist for American intelligence during World War 2 and was a collector of Chinese propaganda pamphlets.


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