US Joint Chiefs of Staff propose a series of false-flag operations to justify an invasion of Cuba.

In order to justify an attack on Cuba, the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed that the CIA conduct a series of terrorist acts with evidence deliberately left behind pointing to Cuba as the culprit. – A tactic known as a “false flag” operation.

False flags are acts of terror made up to look like another party is responsible. Famous false flag ops include the Nazis blaming the communists for the Reichstag fire and the botched Lavon Affair where Israeli agents attempted to frame Muslims for the bombings of US, British and Egyptian targets.

Northwoods included plans for the sinking of a US warship in Cuban territorial waters, organizing terrorist campaigns in Florida, violating US airspace with planes painted to appear Cuban, blowing up a US airliner drone and then holding mock funerals for mock victims. (a favorite of 9/11 Truthers)

Sources and further information:

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