Top Ten Illuminati CelebritiesDo celebs sell their souls to the devil in return for fame and fortune? According to conspiracy lore, pledging allegiance to the Illuminati is a necessary prerequisite for achieving success in business, politics or the media. The Illuminati is especially active in the music industry because of music’s hypnotic effect and the status of pop stars as role models.

The idea of selling one’s soul to the devil to achieve fame, fortune or gain knowledge is nothing new. In Biblical stories, Satan takes the form of a snake in the Garden of Eden and deceives Eve into taking a bite from the forbidden apple. King Solomon gained worldly wisdom and built his temple with the help of demons known as djinn. Jesus himself was offered the entire world if he agreed to bow down to Satan. A 6th century Catholic Church treasurer by the name of Theophilus made a pact with Satan to become a Bishop.

In the middle ages Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus in which a man sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power became popular in Germany and was soon translated into English. During the infamous witch trials it was assumed that witches could only achieve their powers by making a pact with Satan. The devil became increasingly credited with building bridges all over Europe. The violinist Niccolò Paganini also sold his soul to the devil for mastery over the violin setting the stage for future musicians to do the same.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

The father of rock ‘n’ roll and king of the Delta Blues Robert Johnson met the devil who had taken the form of a huge black man at a crossroad. The devil took Johnson’s guitar, tuned it, and proceeded to play before handing the guitar back to Johnson. From that point on, Robert Johnson had mastery of Blues and the guitar. He was able to play incredible new songs instantly without taking the time to write the lyrics or compose any music.

Jimmy Hendrix was himself convinced that he was possessed, and the Beatles were accused of inserting subliminal messages (backmasking) into their music. Bob Dylan admitted with a straight face on 60 minutes of having made a bargain with the “Commander-in-Chief” in order to achieve his success.

In the last decades, the accusations levied against Rock musicians have gradually shifted to being directed at Hip-Hop. The role of the Illuminati in brokering these deals have also become more prominent. Nine out of ten of the Illuminati celebrities on this list are Hip-Hop performers.

No.1 Jay Z


Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is currently one of the most successful Hip-Hop artist and is quickly approaching the $500 million net worth mark. (He currently stands at around $475 million, trailing behind Puff Daddy’s $580 million.

Jay-Z's Roc La Familia
Jay-Z’s Roc La Familia

Jay Z owns or partly owns a successful clothing line, Rocawear (He sold the rights for $204 million in 2007);the Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam and Roc Nation Record labels; the 40/40, sports bars chain and the Roc Nation Sports agency. He was a part owner in the Barclay’s Center sport stadium and is currently still part owner of the Brooklyn Nets NBA team. Jay Z appeared in Warren Buffet’s animation series Secret Millionaires Club episode “Be Cool to Your School

Jay Z has sold over 50 million albums worldwide and received 17 Grammy Awards. Jay Z’s success have naturally lead to accusation of being in line with the Illuminati. Jay Z himself considers the allegations “silly” and reaffirms that he only believes in a single God when asked about the Illuminati, freemasonry and his alleged devil worshiping by radio host Angie Martinez on Hot 97.

Further in the interview, I found Jay Z’s take on the Illuminati to be much in line with Corporate Illuminism. Jay Z also addresses the Freemasonic allegations in his lyrics:

“Bitch I said I was amazing,
Not that I’m a Mason.”

Free Mason, Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z

Rocawear Masonic Symbolism
Rocawear Masonic Symbolism

Although Jay Z claims that the use of occult symbols is not deliberate he admits to pushing people’s buttons at time. A quick examination of Rocawear’s designs quickly reveals a heavy use of Masonic and other occult symbolism demonstrating that his designers are fully aware of occult symbols and have repeatedly use them in their designs. He wore a “Do what thou wilt” (See Aleister Crowley’s Law of Thelema) sweater during the making of Run this Town. Some also wonder why Jay Z would name is record label after elite Illuminati family the Rockefellers.

In 2012, he and his wife Beyoncé gave birth to their daughter Blue Ivy which some theorist quickly interpreted as meaning “Born Living Under Evil IIlluminati’s Very Youngest”. These same people were also able to find proof of their allegations. Wow.

Jay Z’s hand gesture representing Roc-A-Fella and Roc Nation sets off major alarm bells in many conspiracy theorists’ mind.

About the Roc Sign

Dallas Page's Diamond
Dallas Page’s Diamond

What some see as a marketing gimmick, others see it as an homage to Satan. The “Roc” sign is meant to represent a diamond. (aka a “rock”) The hand gesture is made by joining both thumbs and index fingers with palms facing forward forming a triangle. It is not meant to represent a pyramid.

Jay-Z explains that the sign represents a diamond, which in the music industry indicates the sale of 5 million copies of a single album. Jay-Z was hoping that the single of a newly signed artist would be a hit.

Jay Z’s use of the hand gesture prompted pro wrestler Jimmy Page to sue Jay Z for infringing on his intellectual property because Page had used the symbol to indicate his signature move, the Diamond Cutter. Jay Z settled the claim for an undisclosed sum.

Famous people doing the Roc Sign:

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller

Al Sharpton
Al Sharpton

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett

See: Top Ten Illuminati Signs for more information on the Roc Sign

No.2 Obama

The current president of the United states is the only Illuminati celebrity on this list that is not directly involved in the music industry. The increasingly rising cost of running a Presidential elections insures that only candidates which have been thoroughly vetted by the Illuminati ever reach the top spot in the land.

The two major political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans give electors the illusion of choice and serve to propagate the myth of democratic elections. The Democrats and Republicans serve the same Illuminati masters. Noam Chomsky calls the US a one party state and that the Democrats and Republicans are two factions of a single business party. While Jesse Ventura says that American politics is identical to Pro-Wresting and that the ReBLOODlican’s Red and the DemoCRIPS’ Blue are gang tags.

illuminati-celebrities-bushThe President of the United States is Commander-in-Chief of the largest and most powerful military force on the planet. The Military Industrial Complex is a key element not only in generating direct profit for members of the Illuminati, but also in securing and protecting corporate interests worldwide.

Barack Obama is the only politician on this list of Illuminati celebrities, but virtually every single president since Washington (with the possible exception of Andrew Jackson) have served the interests of the elite Illuminati class. Freemason President Franklin D. Roosevelt added the all-seeing eye and pyramid to the US dollar note in 1935. The all-seeing is regarded by many researchers as THE symbol of the Illuminati. Fourteen presidents of the United Sates were Freemasons. Presidents George HW Bush and son were both members of the Skull and Bones.

illuminati-bloodlines-clinton-satanicjpgPresident Obama’s stance on the Federal Reserve, his failure to prosecute ANY Wall Street executive following the 2008 financial crisis, and his continuance on relying on Gangster tactics as US foreign policy leaves little doubt that Obama is also an Illuminati puppet.

Like other POTUS before him, Barack Obama has been accused of being the Anti-Christ and of using backmasking in his speeches. George Bush was also frequently accused of being the anti-Christ and Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6)’s name was no coincidence for many occult observers.

Graph showing Google searches for Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Trump since 2004.

No.3 Justin Bieber

illuminati-celebrities-justin-bieber Bieber is an enormously successful popstar with a personal net worth well over $100 million dollars. Bieber earned $58 million in the first half of 2013 alone. Aside from his outstanding popularity, Bieber’s ties to the Illuminati appear to be mostly attributed to his growing number of tattoos.

“You must not slash your body for a dead person or incise a tattoo on yourself.”

Lev 19:28 (New English Translation)

Two of his tattoos stand out to Illuminati symbol researchers. He has a tattoo of an owl on his left arm (which the artist has not explained) and one of an all seeing eye on his forearm. Bieber tells his Beliebers that the eye is his mother’s.

Hip-Hop artist Drake also has an owl tattoo on his shoulder and seems to have a thing for owls in general which incidentally, is the symbol of the Illuminati-infested Bohemian Grove in northern California where the world’s power elite gather to burn effigies of dead babies under the all seeing eye of the great owl Moloch.
Some believe that the REAL Justin Bieber died in a car accident and has been replaced with a fake Justin Bieber – Justin 2.0. (Like Jacky Chang, Bieber has a thing for repeatedly dying) Justin himself denies being Illuminati and doubts the Illuminati even existing in the first place. Others (presumably non-Beliebers) believe that the 19 year old is the “Bastard son of Satan“.

No.4 Rihanna

Rihanna – Princess of the Illuminati – S&M

Rihanna’s net worth is quickly approaching $100 million dollars and she has earned $43 million dollars in the first half of 2013. Her albums are released by Jay Z’s Def Jam Recordings. Rihanna talked about satanic worship and putting her hand over her eye on her Rated R album cover in an interview with Angie Martinez of Hot 97.

Martinez: What do you feel hasn’t been out? Is there anything that people have missed about your perspective on this? [Chris Brown breakup]

Rihanna: No. I feel that I have been very open.

Martinez: There’s nothing that people have misunderstood?

Rihanna: Nothing that STICKS out.

Martinez: Right.

Rihanna: Besides them reading into my hand over my eye on my album cover. (laughing)

Martinez: Why is your hand over your eye on your album?

Rihanna: ‘Cause I’m a devil worshiper, what are you talking about?
(both laughing)

Martinez: Well I have tickets to see the devil worshiper, you [listeners] call me right now.

Rihanna: I’m just kidding… No… Seriously??

Martinez: I’m kidding too.”

Rated R Album
Rated R album cover
Roc sign - Run this Town
Roc sign – Run this Town
The horns give it away
The horns give it away
Baphomet in water - Umbrella
Baphomet in water – Umbrella
Rihanna in a Triangle – Umbrella

No.5 Beyoncé

illuminati-celebrity-beyonce Beyoncé first came into the limelight as lead singer of popular R&B group Destiny’s Child. She split from the group in 2003 and quickly achieved success on her own. She currently has a net worth of around $350 million dollars and earned $53 million in the first half of this year. She married Jay Z (#1) in 2008 making them 2013’s highest-paid couple.

Beyoncé undergoes the transformation to Sasha Fierce in her debut single Crazy in Love:

Birth of Sasha Fierce

sweet, innocent Beyonce
Sweet and innocent Beyoncé

Sweet Beyonce trapped in car
Poor Beyoncé trapped in car

Jay Z lits the flame
Jay Z sets fire to the car and Sasha is born from the flames
Sasha Fierce rises from the ashes
Sasha Fierce rises from the ashes

What Beyoncé describes as her alter-ego, some see as demonic possession. Below is a Google Trend graph showing searches for Illuminati and Justin Bieber, Illuminati and Rihanna and Illuminati and Beyoncé. (Google users usually omit the “é”.) Notice the peak Google searches for Beyoncé and the Illuminati in the week of Feb 3 to Feb 9, 2013. Her Super Bowl XLVII halftime show where she flashed her husband’s Roc sign was performed on February 3rd.

Beyoncé explained the Roc-A-Fella sign on the Tyra Banks Show.

No.6 Britney Spears

Her 1999 debut single Baby One More Time instantly topped charts worldwide and sold over 10 million copies. Britney Spears has done very well for herself and has a current net worth of around $220 million. She took in $58 million in 2012, but has not toured in over a year leading to a drop in this year’s revenues.

Spears was groomed by Disney along with Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake when all three were cast members of the Mickey Mouse Club. Another Mickey Mouse alumnus that has recently made headlines is Miley Cyrus. Disney is closely associated with the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. Disney movies such as Fantasia and Alice in Wonderland are allegedly used by Illuminati handlers to program Monarch mind-controlled slaves.

Spears, Aguilera and Timberlake in Mickey Mouse Club
Spears, Aguilera and Timberlake in Mickey Mouse Club

Monarch mind control breakdown
Monarch mind control breakdown after checking out of Crossroads.

Madonna passing the torch
Illuminati Queen Madonna passing the torch at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

No.7 Eminem

There is no consensus among Illuminati researchers on whether Eminem is working for the Illuminati (see Lewis below) or if he is a victim and fighting against them and giving his fans subtle clues, hints and coded messages in his lyrics. Eminem is not afraid. (just ambiguous) The rapper has a current net worth of $140 million.

Eminem frequently refers to the devil in his music. Word is that Eminem regrets selling his soul to the Illuminati and has since been trying to get away from them:

“I sold my soul to the devil,
I’ll never get it back.”

― Eminem Say Goodbye to Hollywood

“You can’t kill a spirit, even if you tried to
Haha, you sold your soul to me, need I remind you?
You remember that night you, prayed to god
You’d give anything to get a record deal, well Dre signed you
This is what you wanted your whole life Marshall, right through
Look at this house, look at these cars, I’m so nice, wooo!”

My Darling

Some researchers add that when Eminem is talking about his ex-wife in his videos, he is really talking about the Illuminati. They also believe that Eminem is in real danger of ending up like Michael Jackson for “revealing too much”.

Eminem collaborated with “Illuminati Princess” Rihanna (#4) in Love the Way You Lie.

No.8 Kanye West


West signed with Jay Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records in 2002 and has since received 21 Grammy Awards. He currently has a net worth of around $100 million and raked in $20 million in the first half of 2013 alone.

He is also known for interrupting Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards to pimp Beyoncé prompting Barack Obama (#2) to call West a “jackass”.

West is engaged to Kim Kardashian. Kim and Kanye have a daughter named North “Nori” West and were also accused of naming their child after the Illuminati. (Whatever name the couple happened to chose, conspiracists had it covered) Kardashian herself is worth around $40 million and currently eans 80k per episode of her reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Kanye addresses the Illuminati rumors directly on Wild 94.9 and specifies that the Illuminati is a distraction and should not be confused with the New World Order. Kanye jokes about devil worship and questions Illuminati Rumors.

Illuminati Jewelry
Illuminati Jewelry

“I’ve got question about “the Illuminati” … what is it exactly ??? … and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!!

“LOL,” he tweeted. “Is Illuminati and devil worshiping like the same thing … do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?”


“Illuminati?! High society?!
We in this party and nobody invited me!”

Diamonds (Remix),
Rihanna and Kanye West

“I sold my soul to the devil,
at least it came with some toys,
like a happy meal”

West Freestyling

“I know I’m preaching to the congregation
We love Jesus but you done learned a lot from Satan…”

Devil in a New Dress

No.9 Lebron James

Besides the man’s obvious talent for the sport and his increasingly fabulous riches, Lebron’s “links” to the Illuminati are mostly based on his flashing the Roc sign. He often displays the Roc sign (both on and off the court), apparently greatly perplexing some of his fans.

Lebron and Jay Z are friends and Jay Z’s Roc Nations Sports is quickly signing up celebrity sports athletes. (i.e. Victor Cruz, Kevin Durant and others)

Other Sport athletes:

Benson Henderson
Benson Henderson

Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz

Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson

DeMarco Murray
DeMarco Murray

No.10 Lady Gaga


Eye Gaga
Eye Gaga

Lady Gaga is a phenomenal success and has already earned more than $80 million in the first half of 2013. (She would have made $200 million if she had not injured her hip!) She currently has a net worth of around $190 million.

I have been unable to find any clip or transcript of Lady Gaga directly addressing the Illuminati claim. The closest I could find was this interview on CNN where the interviewer unfortunately lumped in the Illuminati accusations with the hermaphrodite rumors in his question. The question visibly annoyed Gaga.

If I had to guess, I’d say she was annoyed by the hermaphrodite thing, but who knows? She kids about the hermaphrodite thing at the beginning of her Telephone video. (featuring Beyoncé – Illuminati celebrity # 5 above)

“While helpful for fueling media interest and the enigma of Lady Gaga, among the most fantastic things circulating out there is that she’s a brain-washed puppet of the Illuminati, another is that she is a hermaphrodite. The question was asked how does feel when she reads things like the latter.

The atmosphere changed.

I’m not even going to answer that,” was her response after a protracted pause, while off camera her manager expressed shock at the question, demanding it not be aired (a demand she later retracted only after plenty of discussion).”

Down the conspiratorial rabbit hole…

Christian preacher C. Craige Lewis explains that the word “entertainment” means being detained so that something can enter you. According to conspiracy lore, industrial musicians are forced by the Illuminati to insert their symbols in their videos and on their album covers. In some Christian view, Hip Hop music is a tool of the devil used to corrupt and degrade society – As rock was 20 years previously.

Illuminati Satanist “whistleblower” John Todd tells us that music studios are directed by a Council of 13 which receives its orders from the Rothschild Tribunal who themselves take orders from Satan himself.

This is NOT an actor!
This is NOT an actor!

Only initiated witches are allowed by the Illuminati to produce or record music. All big recording studios shave a hidden entrance in their executive offices leading to a temple. Master tapes are brought to this temple where they are places in the middle of a pentagram surrounded by 7 witches. The witches summon demons who then possessed the master tape and are able to replicate itself into each copy of this tape.

Lewis adds that this allows the artists to astroproject themselves into people’s home and that each song acts as a demonic gateway. Masturbation, Yoga and horror movies are also demonic gateways per Lewis’ theory. A demon known as Incubus enters young adolescent boys when they are sleeping and gives them wet dreams and its counterpart, Succubus, possesses them and makes them gay.

John Todd also claims that rock music is designed by witches to cast spells and is written in “which language”. A group of 2000 codewords are given to new musicians after joining the Illuminati. Hotel California stands for “night winds” and Charles Manson knew what Helter Skelter REALLY meant.

The Satanic Panic reached its peak in the late 1980s prompting the FBI to investigate claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. The failure of the FBI to uncover any evidence of large-scale ritual abuse, human sacrifice, or organized satanic conspiracies only served to prove how deep the conspiracy actually went and how powerful its members were.

How Stars are made

Preacher Lewis explains that the Illuminati uses children as “Satanic batteries.” By constantly submitting children to abuse, demons can easily enter these abuse children’s bodies. Elite members of the Illuminati are then able to have sexual relationships with these children allowing them to communicate with demons stored within them. These children then grow up desperately seeking attention and eventually sell their souls to the devil to get a talent which will bring them fame and fortune.

Professor Griff of rap group Public Enemy describes the importance of blood sacrifices to join the Illuminati. According to Griff, in order for a person to join the “$20 million Club” or even the “$100 million Club”, you have to pay your dues. This usually involves some sort of blood sacrifice.

Jay Z sacrificed Biggie Smalls. Nicki Minaj sacrificed Whitney Huston. Aaliyah was a blood sacrifice for Damon Dash. Sire Knight sacrificed Tupac and Kanye West, his mom.

These kinds of claims are not only unbelievably cruel, they have real life implications when a young aspiring artist believes the claims and dutifully sacrifices a friend to the Illuminati.

Craige Lewis, John Todd and Professor Griff almost make Reptilian conspiracy researcher David Icke sane with his claim that the Illuminati chooses people solely based on bloodlines alone regardless of talent.

aristotle-soulman“Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul; hence, when one listens to music that imitates certain passion, he becomes imbued with the same passion; … In short, if one listens to the wrong kind of music he will become the wrong kind of person; but, conversely, if he listens to the right kind of music he will tend to become the right kind of person.”

― Aristotle, Politics XIII

Top 10 Illuminati Celebrities is a speculative article exploring Illuminati conspiracy theories and legends. See here for information on the historical Bavarian Illuminati or here for a look at modern versions of the Illuminati.