1x1.trans Original Documents of the Bavarian Illuminati

1785Second edict issued by Bavarian Elector Karl Theodore, this time the edict mentios the Illuminati specifically.

1786 - Adam Weishaupt writes and publishes his Apologie der Illuminaten – Includes confirmation of the Lanz legend in which an Illuminati courrier Lanz (Socrates) is struck down by lightning.

1787 - In response, the Bavarian Government publishes Einige Originalschriften Des Illuminaten Ordens which consit of the documents obtained during the raid’s at Zwack’s home. They also obtained a copy of Zwack’s deist essay Better Than Horus.

1787 - Adam Weishaupt publishes his Das verbesserte System der Illuminaten.

1787 - The Bavarian government publishes the Illuminati’s correspondence seized during the raid at Bassus’s castle in Nachtrag Von Weitern Originalschriften volume 1 and Nachtrag Von Weitern Originalschriften volume 2.

1788 - Illuminatus Johann Faber anonymously publishes Der ächte Illuminat in which the first two grades of the Illuminati are reavealed.

1790 - The Bavarian Elector Karl Theodore issues his fourth edict against the Bavarian Illuminati.

1793 – Bavarian government publishes Oder Schottischer Ritter. Ein Pendant Die Neuesten Arbeiten Des Spartacus Und Philo.

1794 - Illuminati whistleblower Grolman publishes Die Neuesten Arbeiten Des Spartacus Und Philo, exposing the secrets of the Illuminati Dirigens degree.

All documents were scanned and uploaded to Scribd by Illuminati researcher Josef Wäges.