The Smurf Conspiracy – Are the Smurfs Nazis? Communists? Satanists? Capitalists? Illuminati Rex Comics takes a peek behind the Blue Wall.

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The Smurf Conspiracy – Are the Smurfs more than just Smurfs?

Somewhere in a deep enchanted forest lives a small community of lovable blue elf-like creatures: The Smurfs. The Smurfs live in peace and harmony under the great leadership of Papa Smurf. Their greatest enemies are an evil wizard named Gargamel and his equally Smurf-obsessed cat, Azrael.

The 1980’s Saturday morning tv show was immensely popular with kids across America and gathered numerous Emmy awards. The show became a major success for NBC and spawned spin-off television specials on an almost yearly basis. The show lasted for 9 years and more than 300 episodes were produced.

However, is there a deeper and more sinister meaning hidden behind the Smurfs? Could the Smurfs actually be hard-core Nazis with links to the KKK and
the Skinheads? Maybe they are a group of commie-pinkos determined to keep the world from the joys of capitalism? Even worse, they might be in league with the great beast himself, Satan?!? (of biblical fame) Or they could be just a corporate creation aimed at selling cereals and toys to unsuspecting children across America.

During the next few weeks we will examine the Smurfs and determine what
really lies behind the Blue Menace?

The Smurf Nazi?

Exhibit A: The Smurf dress in the manner of the KKK.
The Smurfs all wear white caps.
The KKK all wear white caps.

The leader of the KKK, the Grand Dragon wears a red cap.
The leader of the Smurfs, Papa Smurf wears a red cap.

Exhibit B: The village is ruled by a charismatic dictator, Der Fuhrer Papa Smurf.

Exhibit C: With bright blond hair and silky blue skin, Smurfette is the ideal Aryan princess.

Exhibit D: The villains Gargamel and Azrael, both Jewish sounding names. Gargamel is the typical anti-Semite caricature of a Jew – An elongated nose (1) and a prominent chin (2). A humped back posture (3), older clothes (4), and his hand positions (5) indicate Gargamel to be a miser, a typical anti-Semite accusation.

The Smurfs Communists Part 1

Comrade Papa Smurf
With similarities to Marxist kingpin Karl Marx, Papa Smurf is the chairman of the village and wears the communist color – red.

Comrade Brainy Smurf
Brainy Smurf is the only intellectual rival to papa Smurf. Like Trotsky Brainy is often thrown out (exiled) from the village.

Comrade Hefty Smurf
Hefty Smurf is the strongest Smurf in the village. A la KGB Hefty Smurf acts as the regimes’ enforcer.

Comrade Smurfette
The only female in the village, Smurfette is not married nor does she have any children.
Marx and Engel called for the abolition of marriage and family.

Comrade Handy Smurf
An Inventor, engineer, farmer and a builder, Handy Smurf is the embodiment of Marx’s proletarian worker.

Comrade Vanity Smurf
Vanity Smurf is always seeking self-satisfaction. Vanity represents everything that is wrong with capitalism.

The Smurf Village
The Smurf village is the perfect socialist model of a commune. Each Smurf is equal; Clumsy Smurf has the same social status as Hefty Smurf or Handy Smurf. The village is a closed market economy and every Smurf lives in same size houses.

The Smurf Communists Part 2

The Smurfs’ dam is owned and operated by the whole Smurf community. The dam is maintained and repaired by and for the benefit of the collective.

Despite the Smurfs village’s diversity in population, there are no Priest Smurf, (pastor, minister, shaman etc.) nor is there any church in the village. The Smurf are atheist.

The Smurfs all dress in the exact same costumes. – This is similar to the Mao suits designed by Sun Yat-sen and popularized by Mao Zedong of the communist party.
After the Communist Revolution, the Mao suit became a symbol of proletarian unity,

The evil Gargamel represents capitalism. Gargamel is greedy and ruthless. Like Vanity Smurfs, Gargamel is always seeking self satisfaction.

The ultimate goal of Gargamel is to turn the Smurfs into gold. (Profit)

The Smurfs and Satan

Gargamel uses black magic to cast evil spells on the poor helpless Smurfs. In one episode, Gargamel draws a pentagram on the floor of his dirty house then stands inside it to conjure an evil spell. He also created Smurfette using Black Magic. Gargamel’s cat, Azrael is named after the Angel of Death!!

Papa Smurf uses white magic, rituals, incantations and magical potions to protect the Smurfs. He transformed Smurfette using white magic.
The Smurfs rely on wizardry and magic to solves problems, rather that their own natural abilities. Some psychologists (i.e. Christian Fundamentalist Dr. Rex Rosenberg) believes that this could lead children to “demonically-mediated dissociation” (DMD) – a form of Multiple Personality Disorder.

The Smurf Capitalist Conspiracy

  • Over 300 Million figurines sold!
  • Over 20 million comic books sold!
  • Over 40 million albums sold!
  • Over 400 different figurines!
  • Over 700 consumer products available!
  • 1 million video games sold!
  • Translated into 25 languages!
  • 256 episodes produced @ $400,ooo a shot = $102 million Total cost of tv series!
  • 392 hours of footage!

The End