Illuminati Guide to Media and Mind Control – Newspapers, TV and movies are used by the Illuminati to shape the public’s mind to their will.


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Illuminati Guide to Media and Mind Control – Role of the Media

In Plato’s cave, prisoners held by chains
watched shadow puppets move on a cave wall.
They confused the shadows for reality.

Today, the prisoners have dropped their chains,
yet they are still watching shadows on a wall.
the media manufactures realities and opinions.

The Media tells us
what is real…

and what is not.

What the media
doesn’t show us…

Ceases to exist!

There are two direct ways in which the Illuminati can control the media.

1. Illuminati ownership of the media – We directly control the information on our companies, affiliates and subsidiaries’ media outlets.

In the United States today, the majority of media outlets are owned by a handful of giant corporations.

Thus, we can easily filter information and mold it to be compatible with our order’s goals.

2. Illuminati control through Advertising dollars – media companies not directly under the Illuminati’s control can be influenced with our advertising dollars. To understand how, we must look at the media’s business model.

Typical business model:

Cola bottlers sell colas.

Cola drinkers buy colas.

Commonly believed media business model:

Newspaper publishers sell newspapers.

Newspapers readers buy newspapers.

Actual media business model:

Newspapers sell readers to advertisers.

Advertisers buy readers.

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Television has particularly interesting qualities…

When viewing TV, the brain enters alpha-mode, it’s neither thinking nor resting.

Television makes the viewer’s mind overly receptive…

As in a continuous trance.

During this time we, the Order of the Illuminati feed them disinfo, propagate our cover-ups and create diversions.
The viewers are effectively under mass hypnosis.

We sell the Illuminati’s wares.

And of course we help feed the viewer’s hunger for consumerism.

The Illuminati’s products are showed in scenes which create a positive response in the viewer.

Later, while shopping, these positive feelings will hopefully be triggered. And result in a sale for the Illuminati.

Sports, Soap operas, And movies,

Are all simple diversions for the masses. Like the ancient Romans who used bread and circuses, we used television and other Medias to keep the population entertained and away form the real issues. These created realities offer us other benefits…

1. It shortens the attention spans.
2. It makes ordinary life seem dull.
3. It keeps the proles confused and uninformed.

All along the viewers are always spectators.
The idea is that he will always remain spectator…
… And never a player.