AboveTopSecret.com – ATS is the world’s largest conspiracy theory forum Is ATS an ongoing government COINTELPRO operation? ATS COINTELPRO?


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ATS History: COINTELPRO and “WhispersInTheDark”

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**DEBKAfile.com, an espionage & political analysis website. http://www.debka.com/

***Echelon is the world’s most powerful global electronic communications surveillance and intelligence gathering system in the world.

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The 3 Amigos, co-owners of AboveTopSecret.com. From left to right: Skeptic Overlord,  ATS Tech Wiz; Simon Gray,  ATS founder; Springer,  ATS Biz tycoon.

What is ATS?

ATS – AboveTopSecret.com is the largest conspiracy discussion forum on the Internet. ATS has nearly 60,000 registered members and over 2 million individual posts!


From the 1920’s to 1976, the FBI orchestrated a number of COunterINTELligence PROgram aimed at disrupting political dissidence. In 1976 the Church Committee investigated and documented the FBI’s involvement in infiltrating the US Communist Party, the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. The FBI claims to have stopped all COINTELPRO activities in 1976…Conspiracy theorists disagree, claiming that other intelligence departments immediately began conducting COINTELPRO activities similar to the FBI’s.

Conspiracy theorists, being by nature paranoids often accuse the ATS forum itself of being a COINTELPRO operation. Such topics are common and usually appear every month or so without affecting the board in any substantial way. However, in August 2003 a series of cryptic posts by a mysterious member going by the handle WhispersInTheDark (WITD) sent the whole forum community in an uproar – almost triggering the end of ATS.

On August 4th WITD posts:

Chaos on Capital Hill.
The football has been replaced by a dummy for the dummy.
Doves are fighting but hawks are regrouping.
The commander-in-chief takes a little time off. A trip. Out-of-the-hill. Just like before 9-11.
Who has the football? Why?

Rumors. Whispers. Fears.

Watch Jakarta.

source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread14359/pg1
as originaly posted at http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread14187/pg1

16 hours later in Jakarta…

Exactly as predicted by WITD! Had Whispers prophesized the Marriott Hotel Bombing?

to be continued…

Was WITD a high level deep throat?

The ATS forum surged with activity.

Could WITD have simply edited his post after the Jakarta events?
ATS’ forum software duly records each post edit… WITD’s post had none.

Eventually an overzealous ATS member alerted the FBI.

The FBI declared the post an elaborate hoax.

Forum Admin Skeptic Overlord explains:

took advantage of a weakness in our forum software thus enabling him to edit his post directly in the database, thus, not leaving an edit mark.

However many members were not convinced in particularly one Mod, the now legendary DragonRider (DR). Here are some of his discoveries…

  1. DR and 2 other ATS members swear they had seen the post before the bombings.
  2. WITD knew the FBI had been contacted before the ATS proprietors.
  3. Both IPs logged by WITD were traced to DoD Intelligence networks.
  4. The CIA knew about the Jakarta bombing** 72 hours before it happened. (So WITD could have been legit!)

Eventually DR was deModed and banned from ATS. He moved on to the Black Vault Forum and the now defunct Shadow Confederacy Forum. For the next 2 years the WITD subject was ATS taboo.

Without a doubt, there are COINTELPRO agents visiting and posting on ATS. Echelon *** keywords are frequently used on the forum, and it’s bound to have attracted Intel agencies interest. WAS the WITD incident covered-up by one or more of the 3 amigos? Is ATS itself a CONITELPRO?


the end