Illuminati secret meetings were called Minerval Churches (1776-80) and later, Minerval Assemblies. (1780) Groups of 10 to 15 men met on the 1st of every month, on every new moon and on days marked as Illuminati sacred on the Illuminati Calendar.

The Minerval Brethren ensured that the room was secured. That is, they made sure that the door was bolted shut and that all the windows were covered up.

The three lamps represent the 3 classes of the Illuminati – Nursery, Masonic and the Mysteries – Two lamps are obscured by green lampshades, representing the ⊙‘s first two classes while the lamp at the Superior’s table is white, representing the enlightenment of the Mystery Classes.

The lamps’ three legs represent silence, obedience and sobriety moderation.

The Minerval carpet features a painted pyramid with stones scattered in front and the letters ‘D’ and ‘P’ on each flank. The pyramid represents the Most Serene Order, aka the Illuminati, working together towards their common goal for the glory of the Great Architect. The letters D and P stand for Deo Proximo.(Nearest to God)

So it appear the pyramid is an Illuminati symbol after all. A very important symbol as it is said to represent the most serene order.

Illuminati Minerval Officers: Secretary, Quaestor, Treasurer, Censor. Superior

Illuminati Minerval Painting Decoded

Birdhead Man represents Athena (Minerva to the Romans) ~ Owl, symbol for wisdom and vigilance

Helmet courage, zeal and honesty

Pitcher – moderation

Olive Branch – peace, tolerance and serenity.

Column – solidness of beliefs

Impregnable shield – A clean conscience protects against ridicule and slander

Lance – consistency and resolution

Illuminati’s Calendar

The Illuminati’s Calendar begins in 630 BCE to commemorate the beginning of Persian King Yazdegerd III’s reign. (In 632 BCE, a likely error on Weishaupt part)

Adarpahascht May (May 1st is the Illuminati’s anniversary and a sacred day marked on the Illuminati calendar)

Chardad June

Thirmeh July

Merdedmeh August

Schaharimeh September

Meharmeh October

Abenmeh November

Adarmeh December

Dimeh January

Benmeh February

Asphandar, (first 20 days of March on the Roman calendar)

Pharavardin has 41 days, from March 21st to the end of April

Brethren of Minerva is an excerpt from Book 3 – Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati


1st Class: THE NURSERY
2nd Class: Freemasonry
3rd Class: Mysteries

Part 3: Bavarian Illuminati Membership

Part 4: The End of the Bavarian Illuminati

Part 5: Illuminati in Legend

Illuminati Legend is an abridged version of What is the Illuminati?.

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