1x1.trans End of the Bavarian Illuminati Part 2: Regensburg to Saxe Gotha

1x1.trans End of the Bavarian Illuminati Part 2: Regensburg to Saxe Gotha


Part 4: End of the Order Part 2: Regensburg to Saxe-Gotha

The End of the Order

In April of 1785 two more whistleblowers come forward. Professors Vitus Renner (Nom de Guerre: Anaximander) and Johann Marquis de Cosandey (Nom de Guerre: Xenophon) confirm that the Illuminati is anti-religion, anti-patriotic, and against the accumulation of concentrated private property. The end justifies the means including the use of poisons. The order defended the right to suicide and abortions.

The following September, Joseph Utzschneider (Nom de Guerre: Hellanicus Lesbious) and Georg Gruenberger (Nom de Guerre: Archytas) confirm the order to be anti-Christian nature and their belief that “death was an eternal sleep”. The Order also rejected the sanctity marriage and believed that education should not be in parent’s hands. The Order thought that patriotism was “narrow-minded prejudice.

These ideas did not sit right with the ruling elite.

On March 2nd 1785, the Elector issue his second edict – This time he specifically mentions the Illuminati and Freemasons by name.
That June, Lanz is struck by a lightning bolt… (see p. 1)

The papers found hidden sown in his clothes prove continued Illuminati activity – strictly prohibited by the Edict.

It also means the death penalty for Adam ‘Spartacus’ Weishaupt.

The Elector applies for Weishaupt extradition to Munich.

Once again Weishaupt escapes…

He hides 3 days in a chimney…

Finally arriving at Saxe Gotha under the protection of fellow Illuminatus Duke Ernst of Saxe-Gotha’s protection.

Regensburg to Saxe-Gotha is an excerpt from Book 3 – Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati