New World Order Banking: Guide to the Central Banking Scam – The creation and control of money is at the base of the Illuminati’s power.








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New World Order Banking: Illuminati Guide to the Central Banking Scam


What is it?

Where does it come from?

Being trillionaires we often take money for granted. Although it’s justifiable to think so, after all, to us money has become largely superfluous…

However, the power it gives us isn’t superfluous. the reality of money and people’s perception of it is very real.

In fact, money and our control over credit creation is at the base of our immense power

Illuminati Guide to International Banking Part 2

In the beginning there was bartering…

a simple system where one good…

Is traded for another.

However, barter’s limitations were quickly noticed. most notably

timing. a coincidence of wants was necessary. If you wished

to trade chickens for fish, you had to trade when both chickens

and fish were needed and available at the same time and place.

Some items were difficult to transport, and others could rot

with time. An easily countable, portable and storable medium

of exchange was required.

Illuminati Banking – Birth Of Fractional Banking

Several mediums of exchange were used as currency. Anything precious, rare, beautiful or magical was used.

Tortoise shells





Fine cloths

However transporting a large amount of currency such as gold could be risky.

A safe place to keep currency was needed.

Banking is born!!!

Our banks would accept deposits of gold and in return give the depositor a

certificate of deposit – money.

We soon realized that people kept the certificates and rarely demanded their gold.

We began printing more and more notes – more than we had deposits for! This is now

known as fractional banking. As long as everyone didn’t withdraw their gold at the

same time, no one was the wiser.

In this way, we We were effectively able to create money out of nothing! At enormous profits to us!

A small gold deposit allowed us to lent certificates or money over and over again.

This practice debases the currency and causes inflation, a fact we’ve been dissimulating ever since.

Illuminati Bankers: From the Knights Templar to the House of Rothschild

Banking proved extremely lucrative. Bankers with conservative

lending policies became extremely rich over time.

The Knights Templar amassed a great

fortune during the crusades by safely

transporting the crusaders’ wealth

from Europe to Jerusalem.

In Florence, Italy, the De Medici dynasty successfully

combined banking and politics, giving the world 4 popes.

In 1513, Machiavelli dedicated his guide to ruling the

world,The Prince to Lorenzo De Medici.

And finally, the House of Rothschild,

the epitome of international bankers.

Equipped with an advanced communication network, the Rothschild

successfully set up branches all over Europe and later, America.

Illuminati Banking: How to Set up a Central Bank

Unfortunately there were many banks and moneylenders outside our control. We needed a method to monopolize the production of bank notes and the issuance of credits. We can accomplish this in 4 steps.

Step 1

Approach the governing body of a nation.

Step 2

Offer them to finance their endless expansion plans.

All easily payable with current tax income.

Step 3

Assure them that through your sound judgment and sound banking practices you will bring economic prosperity to the kingdom. In return they grant us the exclusive rights to issue credit in the kingdom. The governing class is typically ignorant of economics and usually agrees to our proposition.

Step 4

With great fanfare announce the opening of a government backed central bank.

With this system in place we can create booms and recessions. We have full control over the nations’ economy.

Illuminati banker says: Rinse. Repeat.

Case Study: Illuminati Creation of the U.S. Federal Reserve

November 22, 1910, seven men representing the banking establishment

meet at J.P. Morgan’s Jekyll Island for a clandestine rendezvous.

There, they secretly flesh out

plans for a new U.S. central


The central bank’s name had to

sound governmental and appear

non-central. they settle on :

The Federal Reserve

After minor adjustments to our plans

and major manipulations behind the

scenes, congress finally votes in favor

of our proposed central bank.

On December 23rd, 1913

congress passes

the Bank Act.

The Act creates the Federal reserve, and

ensures our complete control over the

U.S. Economy

Illuminati’s Magical World of Money Creation

Illuminati’s Magical World of Money Creation

1. Our central bank (FED) buys $100 in interest bearing T-Bills. (Government bond).

2. The T-bills are used as collateral to print a 100 dollar bank note.

3. The newly created note is injected in the economy either by the government or the investment firm who sold the t-bill. Eventually it gets deposit in one of our bank.

4. The bank keeps 10% reserve and lends the remaining $90.

5. The $90 is again deposited in one of our banks. The bank keeps 10% reserve and lends $81.

6. The $81 is deposited and the bank lends out $72.90… etc. etc…

From the original interest bearing T-bill, which we paid for with worthless paper money (Fiat money), we created another $1000 (Fractional Banking). Each Day The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces approximately 37 million currency notes with a face value of about $696 million.