Bavarian Illuminati Magus Philosopher Illuminati Magus & Illuminati Rex

Bavarian Illuminati Rex Doceten Illuminati Magus & Illuminati Rex

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Illuminati Greater Mysteries -Illuminati Magus and Illuminati Rex Degrees

These degrees were EYES-ONLY and conferred exclusively by Weishaupt himself. Only a few people are known to have read the rituals.

For these two grades, Spartacus used all his “imagination, philosophy and eloquence.” The top grades were wrapped in the ideas of ancient Greek Mystery Schools and Persian Zoroastrianism. The concept of Lesser and Greater mysteries was lifted from the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Illuminati Magus or Illuminati Philosopher

Illuminati Magi learned the doctrine of Spinoza where ALL religions are without foundation and are contrived by ambitious men.

Illuminati Rex or Illuminati King

Illuminati Rex was the highest grade of the Bavarian Illuminati. The Rex learned that ALL men were sovereigns.

Every man is a king.

ALL subordination must vanish from the earth. Peaceably, if it can be done; but, if not, then by FORCE! – A call for Revolution.

Illuminati Magus and Illuminati Rex Degrees is an excerpt from Book 3 – Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati





1st Class: THE NURSERY


2nd Class: Freemasonry


3rd Class: Mysteries


Part 3: Bavarian Illuminati Membership


Part 4: The End of the Bavarian Illuminati


Part 5: Illuminati in Legend

Illuminati Legend is an abridged version of Illuminati Legends.

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» Josef Wäges, Jeva Singh-Anand and Reinhard Markner Ritual & Doctrine of the Illuminati (working title)

» John Robison Proofs of a Conspiracy

» Terry Melanson Perfectibilists: The 18th Century Bavarian Order of the Illuminati

» All Sources

1x1.trans Illuminati Magus & Illuminati Rex

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