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Illuminati Priest

The Illuminati Priest degree was the first level of the Mystery Class. It was one of two degrees known as the Lesser Mysteries of the Illuminati.

Illuminati Priests had a yearly meeting known as a Synod.

There were 10 priests per province. The head priest was called a Decanus.

Priest could choose to specialize in one of the 7 sciences: Physics, Medicine, Mathematics, Natural History, Politics, Arts or Occult Sciences.

Illuminati Priest Initiation

The Candidate was blindfolded and driven around in a carriage before reaching the location of his Illuminati Priest Initiation.

The Dean cut a few hairs symbolizing the breaking of chains and the freeing of the candidate. Illuminati Priests learned that property lead to the lost of liberty and of equality.

The Dean and the candidate faced the Orient.
Liberty Cap
White woolen robe
Mule Shoes

Room 1
The candidate was asked to choose between riches and the priest’s robes. If he chose correctly, he would then proceed to the next room.

sword ‘
Priest’s robe

Room 2

Password: Spell out I – N – R- I Jesus Nazareus Rex Judeorum – Jesus King of Jew

Servant brothers wore black robes.
Acolytes wore shorter white robes.

Crucifix – Historical Jesus as a revolutionary
Scented oil

Liberty Cap Priests wore a red bonnet (Phrygian Cap) later to become an important symbol of the French Revolution. To the Illuminati, the Liberty Cap was “more precious than a crown”.

Dean wore the Malthus Cross

REMOVED: After nomad life ceased to exist, men build homes and started farming bringing property into existence, leading to mutual defense and the emergence of strong leaders – and, eventually, to a lost of liberty and equality.

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