Secrets, Rituals and Symbols of the Bavarian Illuminati- Illuminati Novice – the first step in becoming a member of the Order of the Illuminati began with a one to three years trial period in which the candidate would be observed and evaluated for possible membership in the Bavarian Illuminati.



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The ideal candidate was between 18-30 years old, wealthy, and came from a politically connected family of influence.The Order was invite-only.

NO Jesuits

NO Jews

NO Women

Potential Candidates who were tapped into “The Nursery” had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. (Silentio) They then entered a 1 to 3 years trial period.

They only knew their Insinuator and were unaware of other Illuminati closely observing them.

Obedience – They had to learn to accept and carry out orders from “Unknown Superiors”.

The uninitiated Non-illuminati were to be referred to as the “Profane”.

They had to submit an auto-biography detailing all their relationships, weaknesses, attributes, their family’s net worth, etc (Pensum) and a monthly confessional. (Quibus Licet)

The Order assigned each member a nom de guerre or codename, usually taken from Greek or Roman classical literature.

Candidates had to learn special geographical codes…

Regions and Provinces:
Little Lydia (Hesse-Kassel)
Pannonia (Swabia)
Peloponnese (Tyrol)
Egypt (Austria)
Achaea (Bavaria)
Nicosia (Salzburg)

Munich (Athens)
Freising (Thebes)
Eichstatt (Erzerum)
Augsburg (Nicomedia)
Regensburg (Corinth)
Nuremberg (Nicaea)
Landshut (Delphi)
Neuburg (Neapolis)
Ingolstadt (Eleusis)
Würzburg (Carthage)

They had to use a simple substitution cipher in all communications.

12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
a b c d e f g h i k l m
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
n o p q r s t u x x y z

Illuminati Novice is an excerpt from Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati





1st Class: THE NURSERY


2nd Class: Freemasonry


3rd Class: Mysteries


Part 3: Bavarian Illuminati Membership


Part 4: The End of the Bavarian Illuminati


Part 5: Illuminati in Legend

Illuminati Legend is an abridged version of What is the Illuminati?.

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