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Illuminated Symbolic Freemasonry Master Mason Initiation


Illuminated Symbolic Freemasonry *

Master mason Initiation: The Room was completely covered in black. The Masonic Altar, tables and chairs were black. everyone was dressed in black and Military men wore black ribbons on their arms and hats.

Contrary to regular lodges, The Master mason Candidate was not hoodwinked… nor did he take any Masonic oaths as they would conflict with his Illuminati duties.

Blazing Star
‘G’ for Geometry, the 5th Science
Skull Memento mori; bones are a reminder of the inevitability of death
Black Carpet
Most Worshipful Master
Blood-splattered cloth
Initiate playing the role of Hiram Abiff

Non-Masons were known as Cowans.

Masonic Cipher Key:

Entered Apprentice
Sign, Grip and Word: Jachin

Fellow Craft
Sign, Grip and Word: Boaz

Sign, Grip and Word:
Mac Benac (“The Builder [Hiram] is smitten.” Masonry Dissected, 1730)

Compare to Ancient York Rite: EA: Boaz; FC:Jachin, MM: Mahabone

*Ritual and Doctirne of the Illuminati, 2014

Illuminated Symbolic Freemasonry is an excerpt from Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati

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