1x1.trans Illuminati Dirigens   Scottish Knight


Illuminati Dirigens – Scottish Knight

The purpose of the Illuminati Dirigens level was to form administrators. Scotch Knights were put in charge of Illuminated Masonic Lodges. They were charged with keeping an eye out for possible initiates into the Illuminati. In fact, Illuminated Lodges effectively formed a secret society within a secret society.

spy craft: Dirigens learned if someone was lying by reading their body language.

The initiation was sometimes followed by a reception known as an Agape – A Last Supper-like gatherings of Illuminati Dirigens.

1x1.trans Illuminati Dirigens   Scottish Knight

New Illuminati Dirigens Cypher

Illuminati Priests were strictly forbidden from attending Agapes.

Illuminati Dirigens Initiation

The room was decorated with as much luxury as possible

Illuminati Dirigens Secrets:

Password: Jehovah

Passphrase: Look at me and tell me if you see the sign.

Response: Yes. I see the blazing star on your forehead.

A priest of the Order silently blessed new initiates. The Mysteries were not mentioned, but when the needs arose Priests (p.24) were referred to as Epopts and Regents (p.26) as Hierophants.

Some officers were given new titles:
Introducer = Master of Ceremony
Scottish Master = Prefect
Secret Secretary = Chancellor

blazing star
Prefect Insignia – Silver represents Gotha; the green, hope
Saint Andrew’s Cross
Sword bearer

Illuminati Dirigens – Scottish Knight is an excerpt from Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati

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