Edward Snowden releases classified information on massive surveillance programs involving intelligence agencies from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand and other European countries.

Edward Snowden was a system Administrator for NSA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. Snowden was appalled from what he saw and felt that he was witness to multiple and serious infractions of the 4th and 5th Amendments of the US Constitution and Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not trusting his own judgment in releasing the information directly to the public, Snowden chose to work with the Guardian and the Washington Post, who would in turn work with NSA officials before releasing the information to the public.

Snowden flew to Hong Kong in May 2013 and made his historic interview with Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian.

Beginning in June 2013 and thorough media intermediaries such as the Guardian, The Washington Post and other publishers, Edward Snowden eventually revealed massive worldwide surveillance:

PRISM: The program directly targets Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skype, Apple and other tech giants’ servers. The NSA is then able to search the stored data using keywords. Microsoft worked directly with the NSA in given them access to Hotmail before messages were encrypted and sent out.


Tempera: Electronic surveillance operated by the GCHQ (British Intelligence) and shared with the NSA. Tempera taps directly into the fiber-optic cables making up the Internet backbone and retrieves and stores data. (Other programs process the data.) Commercial partners, or intercept companies include:

British Telecommunications (codename: Remedy); Global Crossing (codename: Pinnage) Verizon (codename: Dacron); Viatel (codename: Vitreous); Vodafone (codename: Gerontic)

Whistleblower Joseph Nacchio claimed that Qwest was denied government contracts for refusing to hand over customer data without a FISA court order

MUSCULAR: An NSA tap on internal traffic between Google and Yahoo data centers going through undersea cables. Google has since begun encrypting its internal data. Yahoo should be encrypted by now. (?)

BOUNDLESS INFORMANT: Tool used by the NSA to visualized Internet and telephone data collected in other programs.




XKEYSCORE: Another analytic tool used by the NSA to tag individual elements from other databases and connecting these elements allowing for tracking of individuals. See XKEYSCORE At a Glance, The Intercept_ – 2015



DISHFIRE: A joint NSA- GCHQ operation to collect text messages from around the world. The information is analyzed by PREFER which extracts messages and outputs visual data.

Snowden leaked documents revealed that the NSA spied on high profile politicians. The NSA has been monitoring telephone conversations of 35 world leaders, including (possibly), German leader Angela Merkel. They were reading the emails of former Mexican president Felipe Calderón and president Enrique Peña Nieto.

Following Snowden’s revelations, the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom began reviews of their intelligence agencies. Department of Defense officials point out some serious security leaks such as Snowden’s release of collection partners. Terrorists and human traffickers using these carriers and email addresses have completely stopped using these services.

On June 23rd, Snowden flew to Moscow where he was stranded due to his US passport being revoked. On July 1st Bolivian President Evo Morales’s plane was rerouted to Austria after France, Italy and Spain denied his plane passage through their airspace

Snowden stayed at the airport for 39 days until being granted asylum in Russia on August 1st. His fate is still undetermined.

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